Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

I made William a Bamm Bamm costume.  Remember him from the Flintstones?   It is knit and crocheted and the bone is made of Fimo.  I made up my own patterns.  I also made him a paper mache club, but he chose not to carry it around because it got in his way.

Here he is, cleaning out the pumpkin guts.  His favourite part of Halloween.

Stay safe tonight.  And dry.  The witches are out.  I hope they are safe too, flying around on their brooms. There is an asteroid circling the earth tonight, which has been dubbed The Great Pumpkin Asteroid.  It is the size of a foot ball stadium and will pass by us at a distance of 480,000km just outside the moon's orbit.  Earth will be safe, but for witches, who knows.

Happy Halloween!


Friday, October 30, 2015

Worms for Hallowe'en?

Not really.  These worms are for a science class.  My DD made them this morning (I helped) because she was told she could only have two parties per year.  I have never heard of that.  I think her principal just made it up.  But DD didn't mind.  She was planning to teach a science lesson in the afternoon.  So she baked these cupcakes to resemble a worm habitat.  Gummy worms, green sprinkles for grass, cookie crumbs for dirt, and some colourful little 'leaves' to resemble food. Disgusting, but kind of Hallowe'enish.  I think her class will love them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Small Finish

I went to the Creativ Festival last Thursday.  It was an adventure.  First a drive, on my scooter, to the GO train.  Then down town on the train.  Then an interesting drive along Front Street to the North Building of the Toronto Convention Centre.

I met lots of quilting friends.  I didn't buy a lot of stuff.  My favourite vendors were not there.  But I did buy a cute ball of yarn to knit a toddler hat that included a monkey head for the top.  William hates wearing hats so this was my attempt to make a hat more fun.  He really likes it.  So I think I succeeded.

Now I am working on a Bamm Bamm costume.  Still have a lot to do on that.  I don't have a pattern so I am making it up as I go along.  I hope to be able to show it to you before Hallowe'en.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving here in Canada.  We celebrated yesterday with a turkey and all the fixings. Today will be a quiet day, with lots of leftovers.  No cooking for me!  Yippee!  We also celebrated William's birthday.  My DD made some cute Sesame Street cupcakes.

Friday, October 09, 2015

A New Direction

William is one year old and my DD has gone back to work.  So guess what?  I have a job!  I get to look after him on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Today is my first day.  We played for an hour and then he fell asleep.  So far, so good.

Yesterday DD took him to the pumpkin patch to buy a pumpkin.  Her last day together with him and she didn't want to waste it.  Here he is in the pumpkin patch.

He picked out a big one!  I want this one.

Last weekend we went to the Markham Fair.  I love this fair.  There is something for everyone. William liked the balloons best.

He also loved the corn box.  Instead of sand they had filled it with corn.  He couldn't get enough of it. When we got home he still had a whole handful of corn in his diaper.  That must have been uncomfortable, but he didn't complain.

I have been working on my red hexie quilt.  Still a lot left to do.  Some of my quilt buddies brought me some of their red scraps to help me out.  I really appreciate it guys.  So now I have another 15 hexie flowers ready to sew onto the top.  This is just a small portion of it.

We are celebrating our Thanksgiving this weekend.  I will cook a turkey and my DD will make cupcakes for William's first birthday.  It will be a small family affair.  There is just too much happening right now.

And a final thought.  We are in the middle of an election.  I'll be glad when it is over.  So if you live in Canada.  This is for you.

Have a great weekend, everyone!  I am going to enjoy the rest of William's nap right now.

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