Sunday, February 24, 2008

An Awards Ceremony for Academic Excellence!

I show you this photo with pride. My DS won a scholarship for his academic excellence at York University! They had the Awards Ceremony today and we all went. All of us, minus the furry felines, of course! It was kind of like another Family Day, but without the cats! There were only about 30 students who received awards - everything from writing essays to winning an entire scholarship. DS is doing his BS in Mathematics - so I am especially proud! When it comes to math, I know nothing, but my DS is very good at it! After the ceremony there were refreshments! And we had a chance to talk with the Dean and other important university people! I really enjoyed it.
For dinner we went to the Franklin Club. They were celebrating the Year of the Rat with foods from Singapore! Everything was delicious! I think you will agree with me that it was a great day!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family Day Dinner!

A Family Portrait

Thanks to the current Premier of Ontario, we celebrated our first Family Day ever! It was nice to get an extra holiday in the middle of February. By this time of the year we are all feeling kind of fed up with winter. And in my case, I have 'cabin fever'! I only get out occasionally and then it is only for a short trip to the mall or grocery shopping or something similar!
But on Monday I had a wonderful day, my kids came over for dinner. My DH cooked everything! He made stuffing for the chicken and cooked some cranberry sauce from scratch! He peeled and cooked potatoes and made a delicious salad. He also steamed some green beans and carrots to perfection! The whole meal was fantastic and I didn't have to do a thing - just eat and enjoy it!
Even dessert was taken care of. I had planned to bake an apple pie in the morning, but it was not possible! When I told my kids that there would be no dessert, my DD jumped up and ran into to kitchen. She started peeling apples and quickly got an apple pie together. As soon as the chicken was done, she put it into the oven and we had the most wonderful apple pie, I have ever tasted, for dessert!
Too bad I forgot to take a photo of our happy get-together. But I did the next best thing! I drew a cartoon of our meal together! It's the first cartoon I have ever done! It took me two days to do it, mostly because I couldn't find my markers or pencil crayons. But once I had located them, in a nice safe place, I was off to the races! I like to think that my cartoon is better than a photo! What do you think?

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A Few Hats!

Well, I knit some hats! The yarn is synthetic. The pattern is my own. I started with the off-white one and then made the others by changing the size of the needles and number of stitches. These hats were very easy to do. They took me from 1 to 3 days to make each one - a perfect project while I wait for the results from my latest MRI test. I am too anxious to do anything more complicated at the moment. But it is nice to be able to say that I finished something at least!
The blue and gray one is for my DH. The gray one with the cables is for my DS. The black ball with the needles stuck in it will also become a hat for my DS. He has expressly asked for a black one. The others don't have a home (head) yet. I may keep the multi-coloured one for myself. It was the most fun to make. I plan to make more of these to give to the school where my daughter works. They always have kids who forget or lose their hats. This way they will have something to keep them warm in our cold winter! I will also make some mittens for them too! Those are always needed. And maybe a few scarves - although I don't want anyone to get caught on the playground equipment, so I will not make them very long.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Contest Results - According to Mimi!

"Dish Cloth Comments" Contest Results - The Contest is Over!

Me: Hi Mimi! What are you up to?

Mimi: I am printing the names of the people who left their names on your blog so that I can pick a winner for the contest!

Me: But, it looks like you are just walking all over the papers!

Mimi: Yes! That's exactly what I am doing! I am stamping the names on papers and then putting them into a basket. Then I will pull out the winners!

Me: Okay. But those paw prints all look the same to me!

Mimi: That's because you are just a human and I am a cat! These paw prints are people's names! Now I am putting them into a basket! See?

Me: Okay, I see! But please don't walk on the furniture until that ink on your paws is dry.

Mimi: Huh? Oh, that. I'll just lick my paws clean! OMG!!! This stuff is delicious! I am getting high on this stuff! What a head rush! This stuff is great! Meow!

Me: Nooooo, Mimi don't do that! That ink might be poisonous or something! You might get sick!

Mimi: Poisonous! No way! Anything that tastes this good can't be bad for you!

Oscar: Can I help? Can I? Can I? Can I? And can I lick some ink too! I want to get high like Mimi!

Me: No Oscar! Don't you start!

Oscar: What does this stuff say anyway? I can't read it.
Me: I don't know! You'll have to ask Mimi. She seems to be the only one who can read paw prints!

Mimi: Me? What? Oh, yeah, read paw prints. Sorry, I have no idea! I can't think anymore! My brain is a bit mixed up at the moment! I can't pick a winner right now! So I will declare everyone a winner!

Me: No Mimi! You can't do that! You have to pick a winner!

Mimi: Meow! I can't! All of a sudden I don't feel so good! I think I will go and take a nap. Meow! My mind is feeling sort of fuzzy! Just send everyone a dish cloth! That should keep them all happy! I'm out of here!

Me: Well, you heard it folks! Everyone is a winner! Mimi, in her mind-altered state, has declared everyone who left a comment, a winner! So your dish cloths will be out to you as soon as I put them into the mail! Thanks Mimi! Did you hear me Mimi? I said "Thank you" for all your 'help'.

Mimi: ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

Me: Goodnight Mimi! Oscar! Get out of that ink! One drugged cat in this house is enough!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mimi Has an Idea!

It's my Turn! It's my Turn!

Okay, those silly 'brothers' of mine have been hogging this blogging thing all week! Now it is my turn! After all, I am Mimi! Meow! The Great Mimi! I have all the brains, all the humour and all the literacy skills. And... I am cute too! So here I go! This is going to be a contest! You can all win if you leave a comment on this post! I will put all of your names into a hat, or a cat dish or something, and pull a few out! Those that I pick will win a prize!
I am sure that you will all agree with me that cleanliness is next to catness! I am always licking myself clean! (My 'brothers' often neglect this step in their daily self care!) Humans like to wash too! They even like to use water! You can count me out for that!
Humans even like to wash dishes! What? Meow! They don't? What do you mean? I thought all humans liked to wash dishes!

Oh, well! Meow! My owner has been crocheting dishcloths in Valentine's Day colours! They turned out very nice. Don't you think? These are what she will give away! I think everyone will like to do dishes with one of these cloths! They are so pretty and made from cotton. They can be washed and used over and over! So leave a comment (or two) I will pick the winners on Valentine's Day! Good luck to everyone! Meow. Love, Mimi

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Hi Folks!

My name is Felix. If you thought my brother, Oscar was adorable, just take a look at me! I am the handsome one in the family! Meow! Also the smart one! I got all the brains! (Sorry Oscar!) I look after my owner and keep her safe! You will always find me, sleeping quietly beside her, either on her bed or right beside it. When she is relaxing in her chair, I like to sit on the arm rest and watch her crochet. Her fingers move like lightening! I imagine that I am chasing them, but I know that she would not like it if I bit her hand while she was working! See, what I mean by being smart! Meow! Her fingers move so fast, in fact, that she was able to finished another afghan. I love this one! I think it's my favourite! What do you think? It is black, gray and dark red! Very masculine! She made it especially for her DS! He has just moved into a new apartment and he is decorating his place. This afghan will look great on his black leather couch! Too bad, I was looking forward to sitting on it, but now his cat, Alpha, will be able to do so! I know Alpha will love it as much as I do! Talk to you all later! Meow! Love, Felix.