Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Bear Family

Finally! I would like to present my new Bear Family!

Let me introduce them to you. This is Sunny Bear with his partner, Oni Bear (I think Oni is the word for 'Bear' in Japanese. An aside to my Japanese friends. Please correct me if I am wrong) and their children, Posie and Peewee. I got the pattern from a new Yahoo group which I joined a couple of weeks ago. It is called, threadanimals@yahoogroups.com. I joined it to do the newest bear challenge, but so far I have not received the pattern. Maybe I didn't join the challenge properly. But, in any case, it doesn't matter because they have lots of patterns (for bears and other animals) on their site. I just chose a couple of those and adapted them to my liking. I think they turned out very cute! I will probably make a few more before my interest in bears wears off. I hope to make some clothes for the next ones! Wouldn't a little dress look great on Oni? Or maybe a little sweater for Sunny?
This is a close up of Oni and Peewee. More bears are in the process of being made, as I write this! I already have a bagful of 'bear body parts' that need to be sewn together! I will post them as soon as I have them ready.


Today is Earth Day! Hope everyone is doing their part to keep our planet clean and happy! Have you replaced your old, incandescent light bulbs with the new, compact fluorescent ones? They are much more energy efficient and last longer - many years, in fact. Do you drink regular tap water instead of bottled water? Those plastic bottles really add up when deposited in a landfill. I know they are supposed to be recycled, but now that the plastic used to make them contains Bisphenol A, which damages our endocrine systems, they can no longer be used. Canada has become the first country to official ban them. Tap water in a re-usable, stainless steel bottles is much better, both for us and for the environment - and it's cheaper! Perhaps you helped in a community clean-up. Thousands of people have picked up garbage in our local parks in order to keep our city clean. Planting a tree can be a pleasant pastime! On Earth Day thousands of trees are planted in parks, ravines and open areas across our city. They are the best defense against pollution! Trees provide us with oxygen! And where would we be without that? So do your part - turn off lights and appliances when not needed, or use cold water to wash your clothes and then hang your laundry on a line to dry. A family of four can save up to $90 per year that way! Whatever you are doing, keep up the good work! Our planet will love you for it! And we will have a legacy to pass onto our children! I wish all of you a Happy Earth Day!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Afghan Finished!

I guess it's about time that I posted something! Sorry to take so long. My sister gave me three huge balls of Red Heart yarn in two colours - aqua and beige. I had no idea what to do with them, so I decided to make an afghan. It turned out okay. So far it doesn't have a home yet, but I am sure I will find someone to give it to.

I have also been busy in the past few days, making some Amigurumi bears. These things are really cute! So stay tuned, you've just got to see them!!! I got the patterns from a Yahoo group site called, 'threadanimals' which I recently joined. It's a great site - lots of info and nice folks who like to help newbies like me! I will post some pictures of my bear family as soon as I can.