Monday, September 24, 2018

Welcome Fall

I got this reusable bag at Walmart.  Nice, eh?

It is finally cooling down here in Toronto.  I have been working on my hexie temperature quilt.  I started it on the Summer Solstice -  June 21st.  Then the heat of July hit us.  The temperatures were out of this world!  I lost track of how many days with over 30C temps there were.  And the heat kept on going into September.

But last night the temperature went down to 9.7C.  The colour I am using for that temperature range is light green.  The first light green hexie for this quilt.

To give you an idea of the heat this summer here is the rest of the quilt.

It was difficult to do any sewing in that heat.  But I did have a huge bag full of scraps.  So I decided to make a scrap quilt.  Drum roll please......  Scrap Vortex was born.

I have emptied half of the scrap bag, but there is still enough fabric in there to make another Scrap Vortex!  I am going to be busy for a long time!