Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Few Meows from Mimi's Corner......

Nobody understands me. I am a cat. I like to nap. I like to chase things that move. I like to 'untangle' my owners yarn stash. I like to eat Fancy Feast. But nobody knows anything else about me. No one knows the difficulty of having to run this household, having to keep everyone working together, keeping my 'brothers' in line, making sure that things get done. For example, this morning my owner had a dentist appointment. Did she get up at 6:00am when the alarm went off? NO! She just slept right through it. The music played for an hour and then turned itself off and she just kept right on sleeping. That is when I had to take over! I jumped on her bed, sat on her chest and purred in her ear. She still didn't respond. I realized I had to use the big guns! So I bit her big toe when she moved her foot. I scratched her nose. I finally had to resort to hideous, horrible meowing that sounded like the house was burning down. She rolled over, looked at the clock and just said, "Oh, shit!" Then she finally, reluctantly, put her feet over the edge of the bed and got up, without even so much as a 'thank you' to me! I hope that dentist hurts her bad!! But not too bad that she forgets to pick up my favourite catfood on the way home!
Meow for now, love Mimi

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