Monday, September 10, 2007

September Beauty!

Meow! My owner made another quilt for me! This one is gorgeous! Look, she spread it out on the loveseat in the solarium, just for me. I love it! This calls for some serious face washing. Meow! Don't want to get the quilt dirty - or do I? No, I guess I'd better not! But now I need to take a nap. Meow!
Ahhhh! There now! That's the ticket! Yawn, love Mimi
Pleasant dreams, Mimi!
Now back to my quilt. I call it "September Beauty". Why, you ask? Good question. I made it as a sample for a beginner quilt class last spring. I think I called it "May Beauty" back then. I was planning on using it to teach a beginner class at Ann's Fabrics, but unfortunately no one was interested in learning to quilt just as the weather was starting to get warmer and it was time to work in the garden. But now there are at least three people signed up for the course and I will be teaching it starting next week. The pattern uses Rail Fence blocks alternated with solid fabric blocks. This course is four weeks long. I don't think that it would be possible to finish a full-size quilt in such a short time. Even I couldn't do that! :-) This one is 59"X47" (120cmX150cm). Without the borders it could be used as a baby quilt or wall hanging. As is, it makes a nice throw for when the weather gets cooler. And yes! It will get cooler - sometime! Although I am not promising anything!

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