Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Poem

A friend suggested that I read the book, "You Can Heal Your Life". by Louise L. Hay. In it, Hay describes her beliefs about life and the world. She claims that we each decide to incarnate on this planet at a particular time and space. We come here to learn a specific lesson so that we can advance our spiritual evolutionary pathway. We choose our sex, colour, country and look for a set of parents who will help us to actualize what we want to achieve here on earth. I was intrigued by this because I have always looked at people who were living a difficult life as being more evolved than I am. I thought that they had achieved a higher level of existence, that I still had a lot to learn and many more trips to make to this planet in order to reach a place where I could be free. Hay goes on to claim that we can cure any illness that we have by simply forgiving our past, moving into the present and loving ourselves. It seems so easy. As I read through her book, I was beginning to believe her theories, until I came to the section where she lists all the ills of the world and tells her readers how to overcome them. Pimples, for example, are small outbursts of anger which can be cured by having calm thoughts and being serene. Having malaria means we are out of balance with nature and our lives. We can cure it by telling ourselves that we are united and balanced with all life. What I want to know is... how does that malaria-carrying mosquito know that we are out of balance? Why does it bite us? Can it sense our imbalance? I guess she kind of loses me at that point. But I still believe that we have to pay a price each time we are incarnated and each visit to this planet comes with a higher price tag. I am convinced that the 'residents' in this hospital (people who will spend the rest of their lives here at West Park) are more evolved than I am. I look at their twisted, contorted bodies and realize that I am still intact and have a long way to go before I will be as evolved as they are. I wrote a poem the other night, while sitting in my bed, thinking about life and all that it brings with it. Let me know what you think.

The beauty of a field of daisies
Their tiny blossoms turned to face the sun
I am breathless.
The stillness of an early morning
Broken only by a robin heralding the day
I am quiet.
The softness of a yellow butterfly
Fluttering from blossom to fragrant blossom
I am thoughtful.
The sound of distant thunder
Rumbling like an angry god, disturbing the silence
Impending doom
I listen.
The clatter of a sudden summer downpour
Drenching the land, leaving sparkling drops to glisten in the immediate sunshine
I am pensive.
The sight of wheelchair-bound humanity
Twisted into grotesque contortions, sitting, waiting, waiting...
I am humbled.
A shriek of laughter from an otherwise motionless mouth
Gladness in the face of adversity
I am speechless.
I am healing.


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Rinie said...

Dear Hetty,

Wow, now you are telling us something.

"You see Peace, Hope, Carefreeness, Impending doom,
Ambivalence, Reality, Energy.

Which makes you breathless, quiet, thoughtful, listening, pensive, humbled
and speechless.

Which is all brought about by nature: Daisies, Robins, Butterflies, Thunder,
Downpour, Twisted bodies, their Gladness.

What I think?
I think you ARE healing!"

Love Tante Rinie.

Winny said...

The poem is marvelous. I was taken by the beauty of the words. Maybe you have found a new calling in life to write such great words.