Monday, March 14, 2011

Camping in the Living Room

My sewing machine is home again! I am still not completely happy with the way it is sewing, but at least it works. They didn't charge me anything for fixing it this time. I wonder what that means? Maybe they did something wrong last time.

I finished the frog block from last week's Block Party. It's not totally symmetrical, but I am not going to change it.

I also worked on and finished this week's Block Party block. It's called 'Flying Squares'. It is a 10in. block. Since I don't feel as if anything is flying in this block, I am changing the name for mine to 'Global Unity' because it reminds me of the photo of four hands representing different cultures.

And just to let you know that my kitchen is still 'in progress', let me show you a couple of photos. The window is gone! I will have more cupboards there. This room has a sky light, so I really don't need a window and there was nothing to see anyway, except for my neighbours brick wall. I am going to make a couple of stained glass panels for the doors above the sink. They will be nicer to look at. The outside wall has been insulated. The electricity and plumbing have been roughed in and pot lights installed. The drywall panels are next. I have yet to hear from Home Depot about the delivery date of my cupboards. But it won't be long now.

It is strange to be without a kitchen. It feels as if we are camping in the living room. Our kitchen table and chairs are in there - also the fridge and microwave. All we need now is a big tent.


Vicki said...

I'm sorry to hear about your sewing machine. Nothing more frustrating when it doesn't work the way you know it should. I hope you will be able to get it all resolved.

That't a cute frog block. Do you have any plans for all your animal blocks.

Hopefully the kitchen reno is well under way and it won't be much longer before you will actually have a nice shiny new one. Have a great week.

Pat said...

Sounds like a wise idea to removed the window and add more cupboards. Your blocks are both nice. I, too, don't see Flying Squares in that second one! LOL Hopfully your sewing machine doesn't act up any longer.

nicolette said...

That frog block is cute! No flying blocks... it’s more kind of a road map to me!

I remember it felt like camping when we had a new kitchen installed!

Thumbs up for a sewing sewing machine!

Barb said...

Your blocks are wonderful.

I love the photo of your kitchen, I am sure you can not wait for it to be done but it is getting there.

Saskia said...

One can never have to many cupboards..! I like your idea of stained glass panels. That will spice up your kitchen!
Like your blocks, too!

em's scrapbag said...

We ate around the ping pong table while we redid our kitchen. Oh the memories. Love that frog block!

Simone de Klerk said...

I don't see the 'not-symmetry' Before I read it was a frog, I recognized it!
Good luck with your camping in the living. I can't say, your kitchen looks like it is going to be very nice (yet). I am sure it will soon (o:
Is there still a lot of noise?

Oiyi said...

Cute frog block! So nice to get a new kitchen. Can't wait to see it.

Opal said...

i love seeing your quilt blocks, hetty! they're great inspiration for my zentangles!