Friday, May 27, 2011

Working on my Blocks of the Week

I am trying to catch up on the Friday Block Party.  I still have several blocks to make.  Today I finished the birds for week 20.  If you like these blocks and would like to make your own, just go to the Friday Block Party link on my sidebar.  There are lots of really nice blocks there.  And if you should want to join us in making these blocks, just let me know and I will send you an invitation so that you can post and show your work.

Here are my Blue Birds of Happiness.

This was the first one I tried.  It's not quite perfect, but it will do.

This second one was much easier.  Since this bird is done on a 5 by 5 grid, I decided to make mine 10 1/2 inches square without having to add any strips on the outside.  The 5 by 5 grid means that you can divide this block into five by five sections.  If you make each section 1.5inches (including the seam allowance) the block will be 5 inches finished.  If you make each section 2 inches (including the seam allowance) the block will be 7 1/2 inches and if you make each section (like I did) 2 1/2inches, the block will be 10inches.  Hope this makes sense.


wackywoman said...

I love your bluebirds. And, who says things have to be perfect. If that is a rule, I sure do break it A LOT!

Barb said...

Your birds are just awesome!!

nicolette said...

Both beautiful birds Hetty! Happy weekend!

hakucho said...

Very cute birds :)

Terry said...

Love the bird blocks! They're so fun! :0)