Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A New Camera

My old camera stopped working on the weekend.  I had taken it with me to Edward's Gardens (a beautiful park).  I wanted to take some photos of the fantastic scenery and gorgeous flowers that are there.  But it seems that my LED screen stopped working.  It showed some bands of colour, but not what was in the view finder.  It wouldn't let me take any photos.

So I stewed about my camera for a couple of days and then went out to Staples and bought a new one.  This camera has a few more bells and whistles, so I am spending all of my spare time today, reading the manual.

I did manage to make some fabric this morning.  I am going to make another bag and maybe a baby quilt with these string blocks.

I have also been busy with my hexies.  Three more were sewn into the quilt top last week and 6 more hexies were made this week.

When I went outside to take the photos, Felix tried to follow me.  He only goes as far as the doorway.  Then he gets scared.  It's a big world out there and this morning there were several cats who came visit.  So he placed himself at the top of the stairway so that he could keep an eye on me.  When I came inside I still had my camera turned on - and like I said before - I need all the practice I can get. 

So I took a photo of Felix.  He is a big cat!  I am sure he would qualify as a watchcat.


wackywoman said...

Looking really nice! Love all the color.

Exuberant Color said...

It takes awhile to adjust to a new camera but I found there are a lot of similarities even in different brands. My manual is on a CD so I fnally loaded it into the computer instead of trying to find the CD everytime I needed to look up something.

nicolette said...

Lovely hexies and log cabin blocks! Love the look of scrappiness!

Felix sounds as scared as Midas. He loves to be in the garden, but he prefers to be right next to me!

Anonymous said...

Sweet Mimi.The flowercat.

And Felix is about as big as my Boomerang and they also look very much alike.

Oh yes, and your hexies and blocks
look very colorful and fit exactly in with their backgrounds.

Julie Fukuda said...

Your pictures are as lovely as the objects in them. That is some handsome watchcat.

em's scrapbag said...

Beautiful blocks. I'm really lovin' the scrappy log cabins!

Oiyi said...

I love those hexies.

hakucho said...

Felix is beautiful, very regal looking!
The same thing happened to my old camera, but I really love my new one it worked out. Good luck with your new camera :)