Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mindless Cutting and Sewing

After the excitement of the past week I do not feel like quilting.  Even sewing some scraps together to 'make' fabric does not turn me on.  But then I remembered Em's post challenging other quilters to join her in a scrap project, using 1 1/2inch pieces to make 4 patches.  She has her first tutorial here.

4 patch blocks.

I already had a lot of those little squares pieced together before I joined Em in her challenge.  And now I am making two different quilts!

This has been an ongoing project for me. (Ongoing for a long time!)  I just cut scraps when I have a few that are too small for anything else.  So a couple of days ago I decided to continue with the cutting of my donated and other scraps. This is such mindless work that I was able to do it while listening to music.  It was very relaxing.  I use the squares for leaders and enders, but I also take some time, every now than then, to just sew some together. 

I had already cut a lot of squares to make an OMG Quilt.  I started it in 2010.  Here is my progress.  Again, this is an ongoing project that I don't think will be finished anytime soon.

Patches sewn into 9-patch blocks.

9-patches joined to larger 9-patch blocks.

This is an alternating block for the OMG quilt.  I can use more of my 4-patches on this one.

Hope everyone has a terrific weekend!  The Creative Festival is in Toronto this weekend.  I am going down tomorrow to take a look around.  I plan to buy no fabric. :-)


Barb said...

Looks fantastic!!!

hakucho said...

Beautiful quilt are very talented!

Pat said...

I like to do mindless sewing-related things once in awhile! Love that OMG Quilt!!!

the dutch purple rabbit said...

yeah mindless sewing is fun. this is going to look so good.

theHyperMonkey said...

what a fun little project that you can cruise on! great way to let your creativity soar on minimal energy. :)

good luck with the no buying fabric deal. ;-)

wackywoman said...

Love that alternate block. What, no buying fabric??? Really? I felt the need to support the vendors at our quilt show. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Terry said...

Your little nine patches are so cute! I think need to make some of those. I have tons of strips that are less than 2-1/2 inches wide. Think of all the squares I could make with them! LOL

em's scrapbag said...

Good to see your progress. Thanks for playing along. Love the beginnings of your OMG quilt.

Vicki said...

I like the nine patch within a nine patch. The alternating block for your OMG quilt is neat with the four patch blocks on point, nice variation.

So how was the Creative Festival, any better than last year?

Rachael Rabbit said...

great way to use scraps! I find cutting not so mindless - I'm always slightly worried I might loose a finger to the rotary cutter!