Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Reindeer Have Landed

One of my quilty friends asked if she could see my reindeer.  It's Deb from Patchwork Sanity - A Women's Piece of Mind.  She has some deer in her yard too.  Go check hers out.  They are so cute!  I put mine out on the front lawn today.  These things are getting really old.  I hope they survive the winter.  I made them about 10 years ago (maybe even longer) when I saw some on somebody's lawn.  I didn't have a pattern.  I just drew the shapes on a sheet of plywood that was 4 by 8 feet.  It was a little bit tricky because I had to fit all of the pieces on.  I then cut them out with a jigsaw.  
My neighbour stood in his driveway and watched me, shaking his head the whole time.  Several years later I found a pattern to make these things.  The reindeer in the pattern were much nicer than mine, so I filed the pattern away in a 'safe' place and now I can't find it.  Don't you hate when that happens?  I would like to made a new pair of reindeer some day if I can still cut things out with a jigsaw.  My disability is making things more difficult for me.  I used to love working with wood.

And I thought you might like to see a shot of Mimi.  I haven't featured her on my blog for quite a while.  She is a real opportunist.  I had folded the flannel quilt and placed it on the coffee table.  As the sun moved around and started to come into the living room and shine on the quilt, Mimi saw her chance and decided to take a relaxing nap.

Doesn't she look comfortable?  Shhhh!  Don't wake her.  She hates to be disturbed when she is napping.  Oh, oh.  I guess the camera made a noise.  Did I wake you Mimi?

"Meow!  Go away and leave me alone.  Can't you see I'm taking a nap?  The sun is so nice and warm and this quilt is perfect for napping.  Turn that camera off and go away!  Right now! Meow!"

I guess I'd better do as I'm told.  Can you tell who the boss is in our house?  Certainly not those nice, quiet, well behaved reindeer.  I really should make some more of them.......


Exuberant Color said...

I think your reindeer are pretty cute! I have a small one about 12" tall that is made to fit together like yours.

Pat said...

Your reindeer look just perfect to me! As for Miss Mimi.....I see she doesn't mince words but tells you just how she feels...LOL

Rose Marie said...

Wow .... love your deers. Debra has a beautiful set which I admire each time I visit her.

W. Latane Barton said...

I love the reindeer. Glad you did not have a pattern for these are much cuter than ones you would cut out following a pattern.

Loved the pictures of Mimi. That look she is giving you is priceless. It says, 'Go away, woman. You are bothering me'.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Christmas wishes! Glad to see some of Mimi! She's as cute as Desmond, but man if looks could kill - I think Desmond's just too young to have developed that look yet ;)
Have a great holiday Hetty! See you in the new year :)

Cybele's patch said...

Funny Mimi!
Your reindeers are fantastic. Imagine you did all this by yourself. You are a very creative lady!
Have a wonderful Christmas Hetty.

Simone de Klerk said...

Wow, Hetty, beautiful reindeer. I can't imagine the original pattern looks any better!
These reindeer wouldn't survive here. Kids would kick them down or they would just be taken away.
Love Mimi!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the reindeer and of course Mimi.
By now the reindeer are put away, but not Mimi! She knows her rights: sleeping and sunning on a flannel quilt!