Monday, February 04, 2013

UFO is Now a WIP

I joined an online applique group a few weeks ago.  I saw some gorgeous blocks on there and I wanted to make some.  But I had trouble finding the ones I liked.  I had to order everything online and most patterns were either out of print or too expensive for me right now.

So I thought about some blocks I had started a long time ago - maybe 7 or 8 years.  They were neatly stored in plastic bags, including the backings and most of the prepared applique pieces.  But no patterns.  It took me a while to figure out where I had gotten these from in the first place.  It turns out they are from Eleanor Burn's 'Applique in a Day' book.  I think I might have borrowed it from our guild's library, but it is no longer there.  So I looked around to buy one online and ran into the same issues as the other applique patterns.  They were either out of stock or no longer available.

On Saturday I had to go over to Sew Sisters to get some background fabric for the baby quilt.  I asked Judy if she had Eleanor's pattern.  She said she could order it for me.  But after checking her computer, so could not find it and presumed that it was out of print.  She looked some more, on other sites, and then suddenly left the computer and ran into the back room of the store.  She came out with Eleanor's book and handed it to me.  She had forgotten that she had it.  She told me to borrow it for as long as I needed to, even 2 or 3 years if need be.  I had her write her name in the book so that I would remember who had lent it to me.  I was so excited!  What a great quilt shop.  They certainly have my business for life now..  

Here are some of the blocks.

The centre one was totally finished and the fruit bowl just needs some grapes.  The cherry one is what I have been working on over the past couple of evenings.  This is so cool!  I now have the pattern I have something to appliue.  I can finish this quilt now.  I really liked it when I started it so long ago


wackywoman said...

Absolutely; it is that kind of customer service that gains loyalty.

The Calico Cat said...

I have an awesome cat applique UFO. You send me your address & I will send you the pattern!

(& Heck, stanger things have happened, I may even take a stitch or two on my UFO.)

Vicki said...

Sew Sisters is a great fabric shop. I have had wonderful customer service when I have gone in there looking to get additional fabrics for a quilt and they have reasonable prices on their fabrics as well.

It will be so nice to get your applique quilt finished now that you have the book.

Karen said...

I was doing a search for bowl of fruit quilt patterns and came across your blog post. Nicely done.