Wednesday, November 13, 2013

A Lot of Little Things

I wish I could show you a hexie flower for today, but I have only been working on the dark blue hexies that go around the outside of this quilt top.  They are very boring and take a lot of time to do.  I think I will be working on these for the next few weeks.

I have also spent a few minutes each day making fabric.  I plan to make a bag out of these scraps.  One side is almost finished.

In order to give myself a break from the navy blue hexies on the basket quilt, I dug out another hexagon top that is almost finished.  I stopped working on it a year or so ago because I was running out of fabrics.  But I have lots now and I want to finish this one.  I love it.


And here is a parting shot of my red Christmas cactus.  It is so flower heavy that I had to get underneath it to show you the blooms. 

A quiting buddy, who I haven't seen in a long time, is coming over for tea this morning.  Got to go and straighten up the living room.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!


dutchcomfort said...

Love your little hexies project!

Mary K said...

I so understand the boring part. I am at that stage with my mini hexies. I even started a larger project to do in between.

Love how you share and inspire me. Thanks

Wacky Woman said...

Love all you projects Hetty. I usually jump around a bit; but, I really can't do that here. Maybe I'll get some things done.