Thursday, December 26, 2013

Five of the Coldest, Darkest Days of my Life

Last weekend we had a huge freezing rain storm.  It started raining before the weekend and continued to rain, very hard, on Saturday night. The ice built up on the branches of trees.  Large limbs broke off and made the neighbourhood look like a war zone.  My neighbour's gigantic elm tree started to break apart.

The branches fell into my backyard.  I was awake all night as I heard the huge branches fall, nearly missing my house.  In the morning my backyard was full of broken branches.

But the worst part was the electricity.  It went off at around 12:30am on Sunday morning.  From that time on we sat in the cold, darkness until late this afternoon.  Five days of some of the coldest winter weather and we had no electricity.  It was a traumatic experience!  I will tell you more about the storm later, but I just want to post this now so that I can wish everyone a very
Merry Christmas!  
We are expecting more snow and strong winds tonight, so more trees could knock more power lines down and my power may once again go out, but I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I don't like sitting in the cold and darkness.

I did finish a couple of stockings for two little boys.  They love super heroes and I have lots of super hero fabrics.  I did not have a pattern, but just made them up as I went along.  They are not quilted and are only meant to hold some gifts.  Luckily I finished them before the ice storm. The boys loved them!



Wacky Woman said...

Sending good thoughts your way Hetty. Not fun sitting in the dark and cold. In Long Beach I live in a pocket that is close to businesses and I usually get my power back fairly quickly. Even after earthquakes. I always thought that was why.

Dolores said...

I'm glad that you finally got heat and light. I do feel fortunate because we didn't have to endure the dark and cold for so long and we had children that offered their home to us if got any worse for us.
I hope the four legged ones are fine too.

Debra Anger said...

Hetty it was heavy in Scarborough and North York, ours too went out but at least we had a gas stove and a generator, we were worried about the Sub pump. I hope you were able to go to your daughters to keep warm. Merry Christmas and hopefully we will get past this winter blast.

Barb said...

What a Missouri we were without electric for 10 days and it was just like I feel your anxiety.

West Michigan Quilter said...

Sending you warm hugs. My daughter lost her electricity, water, heat at 3 a.m. on Sunday and they are telling her she might get it back this coming Saturday. Then again, if we get the warm up and winds predicted, that might cause more power lines to go down. Gads! Stay Warm!

dutchcomfort said...

I hope you had a lovely Christmas time after all!