Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Dance of Joy

The Folk Dance Jamboree is being held because it is Education Week here in Toronto.  Every evening this week, Albert Campbell Square is alive with the sounds of music and children's laughter.  I have always loved this wonderful event, so I asked to go along and they let me.

I loved it!

On the sewing front, nothing much has been going on.  I had an extremely busy weekend. There was a lot of fence staining going on.  My future weekends will likely be filled with more of that.

But I finished the baby blanket I was working on.  It is loosely based on a Lion Brand pattern. And when I say "loosely", I mean it.  I didn't use Lion Brand yarn, not even the bonbons yarn that the pattern called for. I used mostly Red Heart yarns - huge balls called 'Comfort' and some others that I had in my stash.  With size 6mm needles I cast on a number of stitches that I thought would make the blanket wide enough.  I don't even remember how many.  Then I knit some white rows and changed colour according to the colours of the rainbow.  I had these yarns at home, so I didn't even have to buy any yarn.  I used 8 rainbow colours.  The only problem I had was running out of the white about 10 rows from completion. So I went out and bought another ball.  Bummer.  But now I have enough to make another blanket.

It's just plain knitting, but I love how it turned out.  It's about 35 inches wide by 45 inches long. My DD loves it too.  I made it especially for her.  Well, not for her exactly, but for her new baby boy.  You see, my DD is pregnant and that is why I am doing the Happy Dance!


Exuberant Color said...

Congratulations for the grandbaby on the way!! The baby will love the rainbow stripes!

Dolores said...

Dear Hetty, I'm so glad your daughter loves it. It is very pretty and I'm glad made it your way.

Mary K said...

Congratulations! Grandbabies are the best.

Carolyn said...

Helen's granddaughter participated in the folk dances at Albert Campbell Square. Your talents go way beyond quilting. I really like the colourful stripes. Your new grandson is going to be a lucky boy. Congratulations!

Wacky Woman said...

Oh yes indeed a happy dance is in order. Love you blanket for the wee one.