Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pizza Night

Another busy day yesterday!  The girls went to school in the morning and then to the Eaton Centre in the afternoon. They did some shopping for clothes and souvenirs. My DD picked them up from school and we had a do-it-yourself pizza night.

I made the pizza dough in my bread maker and divided it into 8 balls when it had risen.  The girls than took one ball each, flattened it and added the toppings they wanted.  Their favourite was ham and pineapple. Then we baked the pizzas on a stone in the oven.  It was possible to cook this last night because our weather has been more fall-like than summer-like and the kitchen remained cool even with the oven at over 400F.

Here is where I have to apologize for my forgetfulness.  We took the girls to Bluffers Park on Lake Ontario, for a short walk after dinner and I forgot my camera!   But it was getting dark and the photos would probably not have been the best anyway.  The girls had been to Bluffers Park on their first day in Toronto. They ate their lunch there before going to the CN Tower.  When I asked them how they liked the bluffs and the lake, they said, "What are bluffs? and What lake?."   I couldn't believe that they had been taken to one of the most beautiful parks in Toronto and not been shown around it.  I will show you a photo of one of the boat launching docks which I took a number of years ago.  It still looks the same.

I am off to my sewing room today.  I want to work on a couple of things.  A day just isn't complete without a bit of quilting going on!


Wacky Woman said...

I love doing pizza night with my Grands. Everyone is happy.

W. Latane Barton said...

Is it school time? where has summer gone? You are such a wonderful grandmother. Those girls have got to love you to pieces.

em's scrapbag said...

Pizza night is always a crowd pleaser.