Friday, February 06, 2015

DaGMT 2015

I have decided to take part in the Drop and Give Me Twenty.  (DaGMT 2015)  This challenge started on the first of February.  I didn't read about it until a couple of days ago.  But since I have been working almost non-stop on the Jungle Quilt, I think I can still qualify for this.

Here is my statement.

I, Hetty G, am joining Quilting Hottie Haven's fourth annual quilt challenge.   I pledge to sew for at least an hour a day, during the month of February, 2015.  I think that is doable.  I want to finish several more quilts in the first half of this year and this will help me accomplish that.

So here is what I did so far this month.

On the 1st. I did about 60 minutes of sewing.  That was all I had time for.  Because it was Sunday, we had to do some visiting.

On the 2nd, (Monday) I spent about 30 minutes sewing by machine and another 90 minutes drawing and cutting out animal parts for the Jungle Quilt.

On Tuesday (3rd) I spent about 2 hours of hexie hand sewing at our Tuesday morning Friendship group at the church.  I finished the February Hexie Blog's block.

On Wednesday, (4th) I spent 3 hours machine sewing the parts of the animals that I had designed over the last few days.

On Thursday (5th) I spent what seemed like the whole day at my machine.  I am sure I did about 4 hours of machine sewing.  Then in the evening, while watching television, I did another couple of hours prepping and hand sewing some hexies.

So now I am up to today, Friday the 6th.  I am going to try to do at least an hour of machine applique. My DD is coming over today with William and that will probably be the end of my sewing time.

Can't have a post without a photo, now can we?  So here he is, the flying William, practising to be an astronaut..  Now I must get back to my machine.  


Wacky Woman said...

I try to sew at least a couple of hours every day Hetty. Often it gets me even more UFOs. I have a problem....

Wacky Woman said...

Oh, forgot to say what a great picture of little William. We want lots of William photos!

Simone de Klerk said...

So there is little William. Such a blessing! He looks so happy!