Monday, April 02, 2007

Summer Star

I found this quilt in a magazine and decided to make it as a sample for a class that I hope to teach soon. This project will include such skills as rotary cutting and strip piecing. It will also teach students how to make quick and easy half-square triangle blocks.
I took the photo of it on my front lawn. Actually, that was just an excuse to get a shot of some of my crocuses that are already blooming on the lawn. This photo was taken on March 30th. That's early for anything to be flowering here in Toronto! I am quite proud of my little blossoms! Now my only concern is how to protect them from my 'enemies' the squirrels! They love to dig up my bulbs. I can tell when they have been in my garden because I find little holes dug into the dirt, and little plant parts all over the place. If they would just eat everything they dig up I might not mind so much. Guess I'll have to go out there with my cayenne pepper. They are supposed to hate cayenne pepper! With my luck I will probably have little hot-assed squirrels with a taste for cayenne.
Mimi wanted to add a few words to my squirrel post. But she is sleeping right now. Now and always! I'll get her to write something tomorrow.

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