Monday, April 02, 2007

Felix According to Mimi

We sometimes don't agree on things. We often have arguments. Last week Oscar came to my rescue and bit Felix in the neck. Our owner was livid! She hates it when we argue. She yelled at them, and Oscar tried to pretend that he had done nothing wrong, but there was a big tuft of fur sticking out of his mouth. And later, when Felix finally came out from under the bed, he had more loose fur on his neck. He seemed to be unscathed though. I really don't want to see them hurt each other. Especially not on my account!
So even though we argue about many things, there is one thing that we can all agree on - and that is a good quilt! This photo is of the beginnings of a quilt my owner is making for a young boy who loves cars and trucks and other construction vehicles. Felix likes it too!
Well, so much for my 'brothers'. I must return to my napping! "Hey, you stupid, black, furry thing! Get off my favourite chair!!!!" Oh, don't you hate it when someone steals your spot when you get up? "Okay, just keep it warm for me then! I'll be right there!" Meow for now. Love, Mimi

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