Monday, January 14, 2008

I Have 'BLOCK' Today!

Sorry I haven't added much to my blog lately! I seem to have a case of writing block! Or is it blogging block? Just can't seem to think of anything to say. I am still working on writing up the pattern for the Amigurumi Santas. But it is not easy to write a pattern in English, based on Japanese symbols, with a few of my own symbols thrown in for good measure! So I seem to have pattern-writing block too!

And then there is knitting block! OMG! I have so many things started and nothing finished! I have 'second glove syndrome'. Got the first glove finished, but just can't seem to get around to working on the second glove! My crochet is also suffering! I have several afghans on the go at the moment, but no desire to work on any of them. So I guess I can say I have crochet block too! Went to Walmart yesterday and bought three huge balls of Red Heart yarn to make an afghan for my son. So far I have three rows done, but I already had the first two rows done prior to buying the new yarn! I hate 'block'!

And then there is quilter's block! Oh, wait a minute! Hmmmmm! Quilter's block is not a bad thing! Quilt blocks are great! Aren't they? And I have many of them. 68 of them completed! Almost enough to finish a 'couch' quilt! Only about 12 blocks to go! And then I can start putting them together. This is a 'quilt-as-you-go' project. They are already quilted, so when I have them sewn together, I'll be finished! Just the binding to put on.

Hmmmm. I wonder. Maybe having 'BLOCK' is not so bad after all! Wish me luck! Hope I can show you a finished quilt in a week or so!


Opal said...

I had second glove syndrome for the longest time. I finally bit the bullet and cast on for the second last night. I'm determined to get that albatross off my neck!

Rinie said...

Mimi and Oscar are anxiously waiting for their finished quilt to put their pawmarks on.
Writing block? I don't think so.
Too many projects? Yes!
One at a time, girl.

Rika said...

My grandmother is making knitting a sweater and gloves for my grandfather.
Hand made knitting is very warmer and because of love.