Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's me, Oscar!

To All of My Blog-Reading Friends!
Meow! It's me, Oscar, here! Aren't I unbelievably adorable? Thank you all for being so patient while my owner gets her act together! I know that you are all waiting anxiously for another post from her. But it seems that she is having some medical problems or something. Her projects just sit here and aren't being finished! Oh, well, as long as my food dish stays filled and my littler box is cleaned daily, I don't have any complaints! I also like a little scratch behind my ears every once in awhile. Meow! And I heard her say that she is going to buy me some cat grass the next time she goes shopping. Gotta love that! So in appreciation I will write a blog or two in her absence. Talk to you later! Meow! Love, Oscar


Opal said...

Take good care of Hetty, Oscar. And you really are adorable. :-)

Keiko said...

Nice to meet you, Oscar. I was more than happy to find your nice-looking picture posted in Hetty's blog after some-time of absence. It was about time! You sure look great! I'm also glad to know you've been keeping Hetty's company all the while. Hope you'll get your cat grass one of these days. Look forward to hear from you again. Keiko

John said...

Oscar, you are adorable!
It is so nice to hear that
you are taking good care of
your master.