Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Bear Family

Finally! I would like to present my new Bear Family!

Let me introduce them to you. This is Sunny Bear with his partner, Oni Bear (I think Oni is the word for 'Bear' in Japanese. An aside to my Japanese friends. Please correct me if I am wrong) and their children, Posie and Peewee. I got the pattern from a new Yahoo group which I joined a couple of weeks ago. It is called, threadanimals@yahoogroups.com. I joined it to do the newest bear challenge, but so far I have not received the pattern. Maybe I didn't join the challenge properly. But, in any case, it doesn't matter because they have lots of patterns (for bears and other animals) on their site. I just chose a couple of those and adapted them to my liking. I think they turned out very cute! I will probably make a few more before my interest in bears wears off. I hope to make some clothes for the next ones! Wouldn't a little dress look great on Oni? Or maybe a little sweater for Sunny?
This is a close up of Oni and Peewee. More bears are in the process of being made, as I write this! I already have a bagful of 'bear body parts' that need to be sewn together! I will post them as soon as I have them ready.


Keiko said...

Nice to meet the new bear family!
They are very cute. I wonder though why one of them is called
'oni' because 'oni' means a demon or ogre in Japanese. One of the famous oni's in Japanese folklore
is called 'aka oni', meaning 'red
demon', and maybe it's where they
got the name. Anyway I like your
newly born bear family. Keiko

Opal said...

Your bear family is adorable! I love them!

Oiyi said...

I love the bear family. So adorable.

Winny said...

This family is very cute. They are even sweeter looking then your birds. The colours are fabulous also.

what kind of a name is abra said...

The things you make are so cute! I love your bear family!

John said...

The bear family is very cute.
I'm looking forward to seeing
the rest of the members.