Wednesday, October 29, 2008

First Snowfall!

Snow on Geraniums!
Aren't they beautiful? I wonder if I'll still say that next April. Oh, well.

Yes, folks! We had snow last night. Not a lot, but enough to create havoc on our streets during this morning's rush hour. Driving was treacherous! Bridges freeze first and it seemed that every bridge had an accident on it! Traffic was snarled and people were late for work. But I didn't care! I got on the wheeltrans bus, scooter and all, and was driven to my physiotherapy appointment. They were at my door half an hour early, so I enjoyed the drive, looking out in wonder at all the snow. Most of our trees still have leaves, so they were heavy with snow and looked amazing! This is what was left in my garden when I got home around 11:00am.

Thank you to everyone who left such wonderful, encouraging comments on my last few posts! I really appreciate it! Thanks again!


Opal said...

ooh! snow! keep safe!

Catherine said...

Oh, egads! We didn't get any here, thank goodness, but heard it's bad all around us.

hakucho said...

Those sure look like hardy geraniums!! Even with the snow they look so pretty :)

Stay warm and cozy :)

Keiko said...

Snow already, wow!! Glad your
physiotherapy appointment was not
interrupted by the snow. Good for
you. We are still enjoying autunm
sunshine here although it went down
to 17C this morning. Keiko

Heleen said...

snow, looks so pretty.
it is an early winter

nicolette said...

Brrrrr, snow. It was freezing cold here last week! I hope you stay warm!

Rank said...

Yes, it is beautifull.
But now, no more of that white stuff anymore.