Thursday, October 02, 2008

Clean and Find!

Me: Hey Mimi! Wake up!

Mimi: Whaaaa? What do you want? Oh, jeez! Can't you see I'm napping?

Me: Come and see this! I just finished the bear quilt! Isn't it cute?

Mimi: Yeah, yeah. Great. (Yawn) Can I go back to sleep now?

Me: Okay. You sleep while I do a bit of cleaning up. This is so exciting! I love it when a quilt is finished! It is so satisfying! This quilt is based on the bear quilt that was included in the current Fons and Porter magazine, "Love of Quilting". I used the bear template, but I changed the layout. It went together really quickly and I am very pleased with it. Now I want to work on something else, but this sewing room is such a mess! I can't find anything! So..... Hi Ho, Hi Ho! It's cleaning up I'll go!

Mimi: Zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Me: Hello? What's this? Look what I found Mimi! A bag full of stuff.

Mimi: Stuff? (Yawn) What kind of stuff?

Me: This stuff. They're body parts.

Mimi: Body parts? What kind of body parts? Are they edible?

Me: No Mimi, unless you want to eat acrylic yarn stuffed with polyester fiberfill.

Mimi: Yuck! No thanks. Then what good are they?

Me: Oh, you'll see! This is great! I'm going to sew them together. Do you want to help me? Hmmmm. I guess not.

Mimi: Zzzzzzzzzzzz!


Opal said...

Oooh! I see you caught the amigurumi bug! I can't wait to see your finished critters!

nicolette said...

A very cute bear quilt!! And a very cute lazy Mimi!

Catherine said...

Wonderful bear quilt -- and wonderful pictures of Mimi! :-)