Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Little Version of the Christmas Sparkler

This is not a UFO. I started and finished it this month (or so). I saw the pattern on several people's blogs. It was free! You can see more of them and get the pattern at the patchalot's gallery. I decided to stop at nine blocks. That way I could get it finished! Finishing things is very important to me right now. Don't ask me why. Maybe it has to do with the limited space and too much 'stuff' that I have! I didn't want to add another UFO to my bin to carry over to next year! I really should not even have started it, but I loved the friendship star blocks. They are one of my favourite blocks! I used some Christmas and Christmas-type fabrics from my stash, so that was good.

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Karen Dianne Lee said...

Oh how cute! I love this. What a great little one to make. I like the nine blocks idea, too.

Perfection, Hetty!!!