Friday, August 07, 2009

A Big Thank You and a Couple of Blocks

Before I do anything else, I want to thank everyone who left me such wonderful, encouraging and understanding comments on my last two posts! It felt so good to know that others have gone through similar things. Having studied psychology and social work, I know the importance of peer groups. It is always good to hear what others, in a similar situation, would have done or would advise.
My sister and I went to Haliburton yesterday. We had beautiful weather, cool and sunny! The drive up was nice as we chatted about everything and nothing. We had lunch in a small town restaurant and we stopped to buy local blueberries to bring to our Mother.

Mom looked a lot better than when we saw her last weekend. Both my sister and I were grateful for that! We talked, fed her blueberries, sat outside in the sunshine, helped her with her dinner, and made her coffee in the ward's kitchen. She was lucid and able to talk to us most of the time, which was nice. She had just been complaining to the nurses that she was cold when we got there. I gave her the quilt and she was very happy - warm and happy. She loved it. She is now on a waiting list for a nursing home. She has resigned herself to staying in a hospital and being looked after. I guess we have all resigned ourselves to that fact too. The only thing we can do now is wait until a space becomes available.

I was tired today. Didn't do a lot in my sewing room, except tidy up a bit. This week's Friday Block Party block looked interesting, so I made it. It is called Mosaic 3. The instructions for this block were interesting. I had never done the flying geese pattern the way it was explained. It is good to sometimes do things a little differently. I tried the new instructions and liked the way the block turned out. It is an 8inch block.

I also realized that I didn't post my block from last Friday. It was called Queen Charlotte's Crown. It is a 12inch block and I really like it. I looked up 'Queen Charlotte' and found lots of information about her. She was the wife of King George III. If you are interested in reading about her go to the Block Party on my sidebar and look for my post.

Happy Weekend everyone!


Quilt Pixie said...

glad to hear the flying geese instructions worked well. I'm off to give them a try later tonight I hope :-)

I was surprised that you said the block was 10" as the instructions say 8"... given the sizes of the peices I'm guessing there's a typo?

Pat said...

Very nice blocks. As I am a "green" fabric person, I absolutely love the fabrics in the first block. I'm glad the visit with your mom went well and hope an opening comes up soon for her in a nice nursing home.

Reddirt Woman said...

First off, what a beautiful lap quilt you gave your mom. Beautiful blues and the pattern is peaceful in it's repeats... kind of like a stream.

I'm not very good in my descriptions, but I know what I like and I really like your Queen Charlotte's Crown design. Outstanding!

Glad your mom was looking better and was able to enjoy the blueberries and her daughters and I know that she had to be delighted with her new quilt.

It does take a bit to get your feet back under you after a trip, especially where there's a bit of stress involved in not knowing until you get there what sort of disposition your mom would be in when you arrived. Glad it was a good trip.

Now get rested up.