Monday, May 03, 2010

It's Going To Be a Busy Month!

April was a busy month, but May looks like it is going to be crazy!

I finished the dress I was making for my mother. The staff at her nursing home had asked us to buy her some dresses that were open at the back, kind of like a hospital gown. We couldn't find any, so I made her one using this pattern.
We took it up to her yesterday and she loved it! I didn't get a photo, but my sister did. If she sends it to me I will post it, but it really won't matter too much if you don't get to see it. It fit her perfectly, she loved it and the nurses were happy, so I think I will be making her several more in the coming months - as time permits, of course. The pattern says that it's a 2-hour dress, but it took me much longer.

I am also involved with an Apron Swap, but I will keep you informed about that. The next row of our RR is in the works. I haven't decided on a colour or blocks yet, but I am thinking about that.

Although no numbers for UFOs have been posted yet, for this month's challenge, I decided to finish my hand appliqued, hand pieced quilt top that I started a couple of years ago while I was in the hospital. It is screaming to be finished. Here is a preview.
And I have also decided that I will try to finish a baby quilt I started a long time ago. I seem to be using the fabrics for other projects and I want to have enough to finish this one. It is an easy machine pieced top and I should have no trouble finishing it. Here is a sneak preview.
As for my on-going projects.... the hexagons are looking good. And I have been able to make many more klosjes since I last showed them to you. I have a total of 106 now! Here are some of the newer ones.

Yes! I see a busy month in my future. There is also the garden which will have to be planted and tended to. And this afternoon my daughter has invited me to join her class on a nature outing. I just love nature! We will be going down to the ravine to look for animal habitats. I have no idea what that will involve, but it sounds interesting. I will drive my scooter down there to meet them. I'll try to remember to bring my camera!


LizzieJane said...

My goodness Hetty you are going to be busy. It is hard at this time of year to fit everything in. With having the garden to attend to that leaves even less time than before to do all the other stuff. But somehow we seem to manage. So happy that your mother loved her dress. It looks like a fun pattern.
Enjoy your Monday.

Pat said...

Wonderful that the dress fit so well and your mother liked it, too. Enjoy the outing today and be sure to take that camera along so we won't be disappointed!!!

the dutch purple rabbit said...

what a lovely dress pattern.
i can see wy you're mother love it.


Opal said...

you really do have a lot going on! isn't it good to be busy? :D

Barb said...

Wow, you have been all your fabric goodness.

Bluebird49 said...

Hetty-I'm so glad your mom liked the dress--sorry you had to "chnage" the pattern, but we do what we must!

I hope you have a good MOther's Day.