Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Anybody Know Where Can I Get a CAA Membership for my Scooter?

What day is this? Oh, yeah. It's day 12 of Blogtoberfest.

Sorry if I seem a bit spacey. I just got home after having to walk beside my scooter for several kilometers. This morning I went to the Tuesday morning quilt group as usual. The weather was beautiful. Although several people offered to pick me up, I decided to ride my scooter over there. At noon when the group was over and everyone went their separate ways. I unwisely decided to try to get some photos of the colour in our ravine. I had seen it from the top of the bridge and I wanted to get closer to the trees.

I went down the path that leads down to the creek. It was sort of mesmerizing - the colours, the sunshine, the birds chirping from the tree tops, the squirrels gathering acorns, the sound of the water as it went over little falls and rocks and boulders. When I got to the end of the path I decided to turn back. But after a couple of minutes my scooter decided it didn't want to go any farther. This was where I was......

On a little bridge that spans the creek. Such a beautiful spot. Why did my scooter decide to quit on me there? I got it turned around and went back to the end of the path, I then drove along the sidewalk of a very busy road. It was uphill and my scooter did not want to go up hill. A very nice man stopped and offered to give me a push. At least that kept the scooter from stalling every 30 seconds. When I got to level ground, I thanked the guy profusely and continued on, travelling at about half a kilometer per hour. When it stalled I would get off and walk beside it for awhile. I had to keep it running or I would not have been able to push it. The darn thing kept wanting to run me over. I continued another two kilometers that way until I got home. I managed to get the scooter inside the house and when I turned off the key it looked as if it was totally charged. I will have to phone the company because it should not be stalling like this. There is a little light that flashes 6 times when it stalls. I know that I read something about that in the manual. I think it can only be fixed by the scooter company.

So now I'm home. I am exhausted and I haven't had lunch yet. I just want a nap. But I also want to show you a doll that one of the quilting members brought in today. She makes them herself. She buys the parts and then paints them and inserts the hair a couple of strands at a time. She buys real baby clothes for them. I asked her to hold her baby so that I could take a photo. Isn't this thing real looking. It was sort of creepy. To me it looked too much like a real baby!


hakucho said...

Gosh, you certainly got a work out. Hope you can get your scooter fixed. I wouldn't want that to ever happen again to you.

Such a beautiful baby that looks very much alive! The doll would be a great model for hand knitted baby clothes :) No resistance to trying things on ;)

Vicki said...

I'm so sorry to hear that your scooter decided to act up on you. What a pain, I hope you will be able to get it fixed and it won't take long or cost a lot of $$$.

I agree with you on the baby doll, it looks way too real.

Simone de Klerk said...

Poor you, Hetty! I am glad you were able to get home safely after all.
Glad you could take a picture after all.

John said...

I hope that you get your scooter up and running again soon. That bridge looks kind of spooky, like Sleepy Hollow, what a place to break down!

That doll is too real looking, kinda creepy, I'd keep my eye on it if I were you...