Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flowers on Wednesday, But No Hexies!

I have some flowers to show you, but they are not hexagon flowers. Those are still at the planning stage and I haven't quite figured out how to fit the next section in. I have some thinking to do.

But I do have some wonderful flowers. This is my yellow, almost green, orchid. I have had this one for several years and it never lets me down when it comes to flowering time.

This one is a pink orchid. It has also been here for several years. Only one flower this year, but there are still a few buds that I hope will open soon.
We have shivered through an extremely cold weekend. On Saturday we went to do our weekly grocery shopping. It was snowing. And it was frigid. But these tulips caught my eye. I couldn't help but think of spring, so I bought them. They are a lovely peachy colour.
A couple of weeks ago I was 'talking' to Saskia of Dutch Girl Quilting about the horrible illnesses that can strike anyone, including family members and friends. It came to me that a positive attitude is necessary to recover from them. We need the four F's, faith, family, friends and fortitude. Now I am adding another F, flowers. They brighten our lives. They give up hope.

I finished the comfort quilt I made for my friend, Linda, who is going through radiation therapy at the moment. I used all my bright flowery fabrics. I had hoped to have it done sooner, but things always take longer than I imagine.

Felix has given it his approval. He is a good tester for my quilts.

It's a nice quilt, isn't it Felix.

"Meow! It's wonderful! And now you can add a couple of more Fs. Meow!"

What do you mean?

"I'm Felix, right? That's one F and I am a feline. so that is another F! Please don't make me get off. I love this thing! Meow!"

I hadn't thought of that. Felines named Felix are definitely a wonderful commodity when it comes to curing what ails you. So that is seven Fs - faith, family, friends, fortitude, flowers, felines and Felix. Thanks boy. Just don't leave any fur balls on that quilt. Okay?


nicolette said...

Faith, Family, Friends, Fortitude, Flowers, Felines, Felix and Fabulous Fabrics! That makes nine!

wackywoman said...

Felix is a wise cat to see the beauty in that fabulous quilt.

the dutch purple rabbit said...

that is a Fantastic guilt Full of love.

LizzieJane said...

What a lovely post today Hetty. Your flowers, quilt and Felix are just lovely. I hope your friend will have a good outcome with her treatmeant.

The Vegetarian Hunter said...

Ha Ha, Did Felix do as requested and not leave any fur balls?

hakucho said...

Your flowers make me smile even with all this dreadful winter weather we are having! Love the will definitely bring a lot of comfort with or without Felix ;

Vicki said...

What lovely flowers to brighten your day and the bright cheerful quilt will certainly brighten your friends day.

I like your seven F's to curing what ails you. I also have the felines and instead of Felix I have a Fergie :-).

Saskia said...

Your absolutely right, Hetty! A positive mindset is needed, even if life gives you scraps! And then you make a very colorful quilt that a special friend would love! And she gets extra love through the quilt because Felix loves the quilt too!
Knuffels (that's Dutch for hugs)

Oiyi said...

The flowers are beautiful. It brightened up my dreary day. We have been having snow storm after snow storm here. I didn't even remember what flowers looked like anymore.

John said...

Your orchids are very pretty. At this time of year I also begin to forget what flowers look like. I'm glad to hear Felix approves of the quilt. A quilt is not really a quilt until a cat enjoys it.

Rinie said...

Flowers and quilts go very well with Felix or, maybe Felix, Oscar and Mimi go very well with the quilts, ignoring the furr balls they leave behind.
Love how your F-words create new inspiring words.