Friday, August 30, 2013

The Last Friday of Summer?

I have received several calls from friends who are worried about me.  I haven't posted anything for over a week.  But don't worry, I am fine.  Just a bit lazy, maybe.  I have been doing a lot of reading with my feet up.  My leg feels a lot better than last week.  Now I am sure that it was hurting me because of my fall and not because the auto-immune disorder had come back.  So I am happy.

Today is the last day of August.  This weekend is a long weekend for us.  It's the Labour Day Weekend. On Monday the CNE (Canadian National Exhibition) will close for another year.  School will begin on Tuesday. I used to get all excited on the Labour Day Weekend, but since I'm retired now, I think I will just go out and buy myself a new package of markers and maybe some new pens.  I just can't ignore the calling of the bell.  But the sad thing is, this weekend marks the unofficial end of our summer.  Oh, well.  I suppose I will have more time to quilt.

 I have been working on my La Passion that Grit was doing.  I did not get a lot of it done, but I will this week.  I plan to do the pink flowers that go around this piece.  That should keep me busy.

Also, I have signed up to go on a retreat in October.  Debra of Patchwork Sanity has offered to take me. How fun!  A whole weekend of sewing.  I have decided to work on a new quilt while I am there.  I saw it at our executive meeting last Monday night.  It's called 'Autumn Dance'.  It was featured in the Quilters Connection magazine last month.  I just love this quilt.

The one that was shown at our meeting was even more beautiful than the one in the magazine.  I figure if I can cut out all the 2 1/2 inch squares I will be able to sew this baby together at the retreat.  That\s my plan anyway.  These are just a couple of prototype blocks.  I am going to need a lot of 2 1/2 inch squares as well as 2 1/2 inch HSTs.  There is also a stem that has to be appliqued onto the block.  I might get those prepped too before I go.  Right now I have lots of inspiration and ideas.  We'll see what I'm like in October.

And now a final shot of what is on my design wall.  These are some of the half nine patch blocks that I have been working on.  I do one or two a day and sometimes none.  But I already have 12 blocks done.  I have no idea how many more I need, probably 100 or so.  Phew!  Back to work.

Have a great weekend everyone!


Dolores said...

Love the half nine patch. I'm glad to see you back to blogging. Hopefully, with your rest, you will feel better moving around. Any good/exceptional books read? I like your retreat project. Too bad you didn't bump them up to 3" patches. You'd need to cut and sew a whole lot less at the retreat. Nice header photo too.

Grit said...

Hi Hetty, your "La Passion" start looks so fantastic.
I love your autumn dance start too.
Greetings Grit

KaHolly said...

Oh, Hetty, this is the most inspirational post!! I love all of your projects. "LaPassion" really speaks to me, being an ex-hexie queen-for-the-day and all. I'll have to revisit Grit and check it out further. I want to make an Autumn Dance!! How pretty. And lastly, your half nine patches. Awesome!! I have several bonus HST's that need a project built around them. This idea just might do the trick!! You know what I'm going to do as soon as I leave this comment form?? Yep! Dig them out from under the pile!! ~karen

em's scrapbag said...

Have fun on your retreat! Love the scrappy half nine patches.

Manuela said...

Your La Passion start looks fantastic.

Have a nice weekend, Manuela

Wacky Woman said...

It's good to take some time off and just be. It has turned hot and muggy here. But, I have air in my quilt room and I'm happy. You are going to have sew much fun on your retreat.