Saturday, October 26, 2013

Yipes! Was That Frost I Saw? It Must Be the End of Fall

I haven't posted since last Sunday.  Wonder if I have lost my Mojo.  Maybe just my posting Mojo.  I am still busy sewing and creating, so that part is okay.

I went to the Creativ Festival yesterday.  It was amazing, especially because I was able to go on my own.  It was kind of like a pilgrimage.  I left my house on my scooter at around 8:30am and drove to the GO station which is closest to my house.  Even so, it is about a kilometre away.  I had to wear my winter coat because the temperature was around 0C.  There was a hint of white frost on the ground.  Winter is coming.  I got to the GO station about 20 minutes before the train was to leave.  I was right on time and so was the train.

We arrived at Union Station a half hour later.  Then I had to travel through Union Station, the Sky Walk and along Front Street until I got to the Convention Centre entrance.  From there it was a lot of searching, elevators and purchasing a ticket before I arrived at the line-up to go into the show.  Luckily I ran into quite a few quilty friends so the wait did not seem to last long.  Once inside I headed straight to the back of the building where the crowds were not so bad.

It was difficult to get close to very crowded booths and there were many of those.  But I did see everything. And even ran into a good friend whom I haven't seen for many years since she moved up north.  I bought a few fat quarters and some other quilt related things.  I also bought a kit to make a bag for making baked potatoes in the microwave.

There were lots of interesting exhibits.  One was a beautiful display of Amigurumi under water plants and creatures.  I would have loved to make some, but there were no patterns.  It was just a display that would be dismantled when the show is over and the toys given away to kids in hospitals.

I took a photo of this lovely quilt.  I love the applique and piecing.  It looks easy.  I might like to make a wall hanging like this for the winter months.

I left the Show without knowing what time it was.  But the crowds were getting thicker and thicker and it was difficult for me to get around on my scooter.  I reversed my travels back to Union Station and found that I was right on time.  The train that would take me back home was only a few minutes away.  When I saw the sign change, I noticed that my train was to leave from track 27.  I have never left from that track, even when I was able to walk, so I went in search for it.  I found it, but not the elevator that would take me up to the track level.  So I drove around at top speed trying to find a GO person to ask how to find the elevator.  I finally found someone.  She got a couple of people to help me.  The elevator for track 27 was on the other side of the station, past the VIA trains.  A nice man ran beside my scooter and took me up to the next level.  Then he directed me to another nice GO employee who took me up in another elevator to track 27.  I thanked them profusely and boarded the train.  I was afraid I would have missed it, but I was just in time once more.  The whistle blew and I had not even made it to my seat when the train began to move.  A half hour later I arrived at my stop.  The drive home was cold and gloomy.  Clouds had moved in and it looked like it would rain any minute.  But I made it home, safe and dry.  On my way I saw a beautiful red Oak tree. The colour was incredible.  It made me want to start a new quilt.

As you have probably guessed, Wildflower Wednesdays will have to be postponed until next year.  There are very few flowers still in bloom around here.  The end of fall is here.  But I can show you my hexie flowers.  I am still busy with the La Passion quilt.   This is where I'm at right now.

I was very happy when I got home from the show yesterday.  That was the first time I have ever tried to take public transit on my own.  It was very easy and fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Was even thinking of going down there again today.  But it is raining out, cold, windy with heavy rain.  Not a good day to travel, so I will just stay in my sewing room and think of warmer days.


em's scrapbag said...

glad you were able to get out and enjoy yourself. Love the under water softies. They would be fun to make. To bad there was no pattern.

Wacky Woman said...

Oh you almost had me scared reading about your near missing of the train. Whew! Glad you enjoyed the show and was able to add a little to your stash.

Mary K said...

Love your tree! I took a walk today and was surprised how many flowers were blooming in Oregon. Check out my blog to see them.

If you want to make amigurami, There are many free patterns on line. I make them all the time too.

Anonymous said...

Read about your adventure.
Glad you were able to do that.

Dolores said...

Your hexagons are really coming along. I like that quilt that you took a photo of. Do you remember the designer?
I'm glad you ventured out on your own. Things are always a bit scary the first time out but once you get the hang of things, it gets better.

Debra Anger said...

My oakleaf hydrangeas almost seized with the frost! but they perked up again when it got nice. have some garden closing to do. Love love your hexies you are getting there. See you went to the Creative Friday was crazy busy!!