Wednesday, January 01, 2014

The Beginning of a Brand New Year

This post has been edited in red.  
This is just a test.  I am still having trouble uploading collages to my blog.  It is 2014 now and hopefully I am a bit more computer savvy.  Here are some of the smaller projects I completed in 2013.

More to come if this works.

Oh, my goodness!  I think it worked!  Now if I can only remember what I did so that I can show you some more completed images.  Edit:  I think it will work now, so here is a collage of the quilts I worked on in 2013.  Some are completed and have been given away and some are tops that need to be quilted.  I need to send them out because it is getting too difficult for me to quilt them on my Bernina.  Some of the images are ongoing projects not yet finished, but I am working on them.

Hope everyone had a great New Year's Eve.  We stayed home.  I fell asleep early on in the evening, but I woke up to watch the ball drop in the Big Apple.  Then as I went to shut down my computer I found Bonnie Hunter's solution to her mystery quilt, Celtic Solstice.  So I had to go and try a block or two.  Not as exciting as I would have liked.  I'll show you after I have done a few more blocks.


Dolores said...

You have had a productive year. Happy New Year and I hope you have a year of great projects ahead.

Exuberant Color said...

You really had a good quilty year! I hope this year is as good or even better.

Terry said...

Happy New Year! :0)

dutchcomfort said...

Happy New Year Hetty!!
You have been really productive in 2013!

Wacky Woman said...

Happy New Year Hetty! Looks like you accomplished quite a lot last year.

Monica said...

Now you see, I liked Celtic Solstice significantly better than I liked Easy Street last year! Everyone is different. :)

Your Scrappy Trips look good there in the collage, I hope that's one to finish.

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hetty,
Happy New Year! I can hardly wait to see what you are going to accomplish in 2014 after seeing what you did last year. Looking forward to seeing you and all the girls at Quilting on Tuesday.