Thursday, February 15, 2018

Feeling Under the Weather

I have been feeling a bit under the weather this week.  I don't know if it is because of a new medication my doctor prescribed, or something I ate, or a bug of some sort.  But it has not been a great week.

But I am on top of the weather hexies!  This is week 5.

-1.1   -6.2    3    5.6    8.6    0.1   1.8

And this is week 6.

-6,6   -3.2   -4.1   -5.2  -3.5   -3   -1

29C+             brown
25C - 28C     burgundy
21C - 24C     red
17C - 20C     orange
13C - 16C     gold
 9C - 12C      yellow
 5C - 8C        bright green
 1C - 4C        dark green
 0C -  -3C      dark blue
-4C - -7C       light blue
-8C - -11C     dark purple
-12C - -15C   light purple
-16C - -19C   pink
-20C and below  white

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Dolores said...

Nice that you have a legend. Keep going.

Pamela said...

Great fabrics, but cold temperatures!

Vireya said...

It's nice to see how your colour scale works. You've had to allow for some very cold temperatures! My coldest day through winter had a top of 6.4, and I've had a couple of summer days over 40, so we are obviously living in very different climate zones. It isn't so obvious to me when I look at the numbers for the US temperature quilt makers, because the Fahrenheit numbers have no real meaning to me. But this brings it home!