Thursday, April 05, 2018

Weather Hexie

When is it going to warm up?  We had another cold week.  But the good news is... I did see a robin, several actually.

Very exciting!  I know spring is coming when I see my first robin.

This little chunky guy just pulled a worm out of the ground.  

I don't  know how he did that.  We still have night frost and often the ground is frozen in the mornings.  We had a severe storm pass through here a couple of days ago.  It rained all night and yesterday the wind was astronomical.  We had gusts up to alnost 100km/hr.  It blew a huge crane over, knocked window panes out of buildings and uprooted trees, causing power outages.  And it blew part of our fence over.  

Here is my hexie for last week.  It was Easter last Sunday so I used a scrap of fabric with chicks on it.  My birthday was also last week.  I found some fabric with baloons on it.  +  My hexi is very green.  We had warner weather in January.

So here is hexie 13 for March 26 to April 1.

7.3C   7.4C   8.2C   7.2C   5.8C   8.3C   4.6C

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Sarah said...

Sounds like your weather was very much like ours yesterday. Lots of trees down knocking out power and damaging houses. Sadly there is another wind warning for tomorrow and some people aren't even expected to get their power back until tonight or tomorrow.

Vireya said...

That wind storm does not sound like fun.

Your pretty green rosette looks like spring, even if the temps are still on the cold side.