Sunday, February 10, 2019

Some of This and Some of That

Just a quick tutorial on the red quilt.

I made a few more blocks for the red quilt.  I also found a blue block.
It is very old.  I have lots of blue scraps, so I made a couple more blocks.  This is how the block is constructed.

Each piece of fabric is cut to measure 2in by 3 1/2in.

Two light pieces are sewn together,

Then a dark piece is attached to each end of the light block.

A light piece is sewn to adark piece to form a long section.

Then a long strip is sewn to the block.  The dark fabric has to be on the top left of the block and on the bottom right of the block.

All blocks have to be constructed the same.  The pattern on the quilt is accomplished by alternating the blocks.

I like the colours.  I think this will become my leaders and enders project for a while.

I also made a few more hats.

Still have some to finish.  I found a new pattern on the Caron website.  The hats range from toddler to adults.  The white one is a toddler size.  The yellow and aqua ones at the top are youth size.  The rest are adult.

I worked on an Alphabet Book for William.  I still need to bind it.  But here is some of what I have.

This is the cover.

W is for William.  This was the first page I made.

He loves elephants.

And fish.

And tigers and giraffe's.

I also weakened and joined the Canadian Quilters Association for their 52 blocks in 52 week.  Here are the first 4 blocks.  I am making mine scrappy.

Well that's all for now.  Till next time.

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Vireya said...

Thanks for the measurements that make up that block I was so intrigued by! It is very simple, but looks great when they are all sewn together.

The alphabet book is very cute.