Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Blooming Yellow Hibiscus

In the past two days we broke records for the warmest temperatures on record. It was 26C on Sunday and 25.1C yesterday. We wondered if this summer was ever going to end! But today fall has finally begun. It is cold and dark and raining. Tonight there is a chance of night frost! But inside, my solarium is like a miniature tropical garden. I have organized and placed the plants so that there is still room for us and our felines - not an easy task! It is warm and dry in there, with peaceful places for cats to curl up and nap the day away - under green leaves and spreading branches. And, bonus! I found this wonderful hibiscus this morning - blooming happily inside, oblivious of the dark, dreary weather outside!


GrandmaK said...

Hello. Just wanted to say your photography is beautiful and excited to hear of someone who enjoys needlework. My best friend is a quilter and though I was raised around my mother's weekly quilting bee, I have not the patience to quilt. That's why I do counted cross stitch, knit and crochet. My mother will tell you, that my dexterity with a needle and a quilting frame are clumsy at best. I can truly admire the finished work of art. You are a talented lady.

hetty said...

Thank you, grandmak! I appreciate your kind words.