Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Princess and the Peas

Everything is being moved inside this weekend. It is getting too cold! Our summer is over! The pool is already covered and the tropical plants have been placed in the solarium. Last night the temperature went down to 4C! The beans have all been picked and we will have the stir fry I promised myself for dinner tonight! Most of the tomatoes have been picked, but I left some of them on the vines in hopes that they will grow a bit bigger, but I doubt if that will happen. I think we will have frost before then. We have already had to turn on the furnace! It is hard to believe that only a week ago we set a record for the hottest daytime temperature when the mercury went up to 32C! Mimi doesn't mind! She is taking full advantage of the chair cushions that will eventually have to be stored in the basement until next spring. But for now she is the Princess and the Pea, as she sleeps, high on a pile of cushions, in the back room!

Meow! Okay, don't bother to move these cushions! Just leave them here for me! I love the high vantage point! I can see out over all of my domain! And it is all mine! And bonus! My pesky 'brothers' can't bother me up here! Meow! Love, Mimi
PS. Oh, by the way, could you please remove the book that was lying on the chair before you piled the cushions on it. It is hurting my back! Thanks.


Rika said...

Hi!This is my first comment.
Mimi is so cute!I want to play with Mimi,again!
There is a queen here,too.
Guess who? I'm usually the queen in my family,too!Ha!Ha!Just a kidding!

hetty said...

Thank you Queen Rika. Great to hear a first comment from you! I hope it won't be your last!