Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Hi Folks!

My name is Felix. If you thought my brother, Oscar was adorable, just take a look at me! I am the handsome one in the family! Meow! Also the smart one! I got all the brains! (Sorry Oscar!) I look after my owner and keep her safe! You will always find me, sleeping quietly beside her, either on her bed or right beside it. When she is relaxing in her chair, I like to sit on the arm rest and watch her crochet. Her fingers move like lightening! I imagine that I am chasing them, but I know that she would not like it if I bit her hand while she was working! See, what I mean by being smart! Meow! Her fingers move so fast, in fact, that she was able to finished another afghan. I love this one! I think it's my favourite! What do you think? It is black, gray and dark red! Very masculine! She made it especially for her DS! He has just moved into a new apartment and he is decorating his place. This afghan will look great on his black leather couch! Too bad, I was looking forward to sitting on it, but now his cat, Alpha, will be able to do so! I know Alpha will love it as much as I do! Talk to you all later! Meow! Love, Felix.


Opal said...

Hi Felix! You certainly are handsome and so is that afghan. :)

John said...

Hi Felix! You are a very beautiful
boy, and so intelligent, you must
make your master very proud.
Alpha says he is looking very forward to sleeping on that lovely
afghan, but if you would like to test it out first, that's OK...


hetty said...

Meow! Thanks John. You are smart and handsome too! Don't worry about your afghan. I already slept on it all afternoon yesterday. Love, Felix

Keiko said...

Nice to meet you, Felix. You and Oscar look just like twins to me, very handsome. I asked Yumi about it, who has seen both of you in person (or in cat) and she said the only difference was in your tails!! Hope you too will keep a
good company for Hetty. Here we're
having another snowy weekend, just
like you over there. Keiko