Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bean Bags!

Felix: What are these things, Oscar?

Oscar: I have no idea. Our owner has been working on them all day. They must be good for something!

Felix: They're fun! I can bat them around. And maybe chew on them.

Oscar: Or you could just sleep on them like I'm doing.

Felix: Oh.

Mimi: Those are bean bags! Jeez, you guys are so dumb! Our owner is making them for her DD. They're for the kids at school to use in the gym - for exercise.

Felix: You mean they aren't for us?

Mimi: No! Those things are boring! But... maybe if they were mouse-shaped and had some catnip in them. Then they'd be pretty neat, I think! Me: Is this what you had in mind, Mimi?

Mimi: Oh! Yes! Delicious! Good exercise for my teeth! Thanks Mom!


Opal said...

What a fun adventure for your felines! The Great Bean Bag Exploration 2008. :-D

Rank said...

Very original.

My two newest cats, Poes and Poesje, would have loved to take part in this bean bag adventure.

Catherine said...

What a riot! Love the tale of the kitties and the beanbags. LOL

nicolette said...

Clever cats Hetty!! Very clever!
I have to make Midas a cat-nip bag too!

Winny said...

I guess I should go and gather my catnip outside and make a few mice for my babies too. It is getting close to deciding about xmas gifts.