Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Update - On a Wonderful Day!

A Conversation with Mimi
Me: Mimi! Mimi! Wake up!

Mimi: What do you want? Can't you see I'm taking a nap?

Me: Yeah! Sure! I can see that, but I want to tell you about my day.

Mimi: Oh, I think you've mistaken me for someone who gives a damn!

Me: Oh, Mimi! Okay, okay, be that way you grouchy feline! But I am going to tell you about it anyway. We had a terrific workshop with Gloria Loughman! She was fantastic. She was very organized and had everything set up so that we could start right on time. We had a lot to do! I didn't get my wall hanging done, but I made a good start. We worked all day, with a very short break for lunch. We traced, chose our fabrics and cut and ironed and sewed! Everyone's work looked amazing! With her patterns and her colour advice, we couldn't go wrong. When I have more time I will take a photo, so that everyone can see what I did. Right now I am completely worn out! It was the first day that I have been at a workshop in over a year! I sat in my wheelchair the entire time so my feet and legs are killing me! I think I will go and lie down for awhile. I need a nap.

Mimi: Meow! We all need naps! Speaking of naps - that was a very nice story, but, can I get back to mine now?

Me: Okay. If you want to, you can come and sleep on my bed.

Mimi: Meow! I am really quite comfortable here, among the plants. Hmmmm. Will you stroke me if I come?

Me: Oh, Mimi! You drive a hard bargain. But, okay. I'll race you!


the dutch purple rabbit said...

psss mimi you gonna get a gift. Tell Hetty I don't mind that's see link my page. Tell her also that is a blancket out of 3 year scratch of 10 ore more peolple. So don't let her trow away yarn. start making litle blocks and put them together.


joan said...

Soundslike you had an exciting and busy day. Love the photo on this posting.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

What a great post. How cute, how fun! I'm happy for you and your great day. And nothing like hearing Mimi's take on it.

Chris said...

Lucky you Hetti! I would love to take a cless from Gloria. I can't wait to see what she inspired you to do. Thanks for saying hello. Chris