Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Conversation With Mimi - Puttin' the Luv In

What is it with cats and quilts? It's not just my cats. I see it on other people's blogs too. As soon as you spread a quilt out, a cat will jump up and claim it as his or her own. It doesn't even have to be a completed quilt. I can just be a bunch of blocks, laid out on the floor. I know! I'm going to ask Mimi and find out once and for all.

Me: Hey Mimi! Come here! Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty!

Mimi: Yawn! Are you calling me?

Me: Yes! I have a question to ask you.

Mimi: Okay, but this had better be good. I was taking a nap!

Me: Oh, you're always taking a nap. I want to know what the deal is with cats and quilts. Why is it that whenever I put some blocks down on the floor, or put a new quilt on a bed, one of you furballs jumps up on it? It's not just you. Felix does it too.

Mimi: That's your important question? That's what you woke me up for?

Me: Come on Mimi. Help me out. Talk to me.

Mimi: Meow. Okay. We like quilts.

Me: That's all it is? Cat like quilts? I thought perhaps you were inspecting to see if the quilt met with your approval.

Mimi: Oh, yeah, that. Well, that's what we cats like you humans to think. It keeps you on your toes. But that is not the real reason.

Me: So what is the real reason?

Mimi: Well, you always say that quilts are made with love, right? And they are meant to keep you humans warm. You make them look pretty, but that doesn't interest us felines. We just want to make sure they have the powers which you say they have.

Me: Powers? Like?

Mimi: Like making you smile. Like keeping you warm. Like comforting you when you are feeling down. Like making you feel better when you are ill. Like surrounding a new baby with love. Like creating new memories and bringing back old ones. Comfort, warmth, security and love. Stuff like that. You know!

Me: Okay, sure. I understand all that, but where do you come in? Why do you have to jump on every quilt as soon as the binding as been stitched on?

Mimi: Meow! You just don't get it, do you? We don't only sit on your precious quilts when they are done! We also sit on your blocks while they are in progress and occasionally your fabrics too. We put the love in!

Me: What's that you say? You put the love in?

Mimi: Yes! You heard me. We, felines, put the love in! Now that you have your answer, can I get back to my napping?

Me: Hmmmm. Interesting theory. Cats put the love in. It seems plausible. Okay. I see you are already half asleep. Enjoy the quilts, Mimi. You can sit on them or sleep on them whenever you like. The more love the better, I guess.


Vicki said...

I do believe Mimi is right, cats put the love into quilts. My two are always there, from when the fabrics come out to be picked for a quilt, to the very last stages of finishing a quilt. And I though they were just there to supervise the process. I should have realized that there was more to all of this because they often purr up a storm during the process.

Catherine said...

Smudge & Lester agree -- and say Mimi expressed it perfectly! :-)

Keiko said...

What a nice idea Mimi has about jumping on every quilt Hetty makes! "Put the loved in" sounds
so comforting and soothing!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the story. Eyes filled up. Cats do give a lot and I agree they do put the love in.

Opal said...

i couldn't agree with mimi more!

Winny said...

Mimi is definitly right. I just asked Oliver and he says the same thing. Oliver said "Cats are smart and loving, so why shouldn't they spread their love around. Also cats are cute and do cute and loveable things."

nicolette said...

Such a sweet post!! I asked Midas and he agreed, so I think Mimi is right!

LizzieJane said...

Cats are pretty smart, aren't they?
I couldn't agree with them more.

Reddirt Woman said...

Yes, Hetty... you made it in the give-away. I don't know how you made it over to my place either but I'm glad you did. Thank you so much for leaving me a comment and I'll be announcing a winner in the morning... people around here are laughing... I don't get up very early, so maybe noonish would be more honest.

I love this conversation with Mimi! I'm going to send your site to several cat loving friends, at least one of whom is a quilter.

I'll be back to do some more reading. Thanks again for stopping by...

Helen G.

Maggie A said...

Love the cats. something about quilts that cats just can't resist.

Rachael Rabbit said...

So cute ... our little dog sits on anything I put on the floor to work on ... perhaps it is their sign of approval?

Rinie said...

Such a nice story about Mimi. She represents all other cats. Cats purr their love out for us, people and purr the magic of their love into Hetty's quilts.
How nicely put and well found.

Christine said...

Lovely post. Mimi is very wise and I'm sure Oliver would agree with her.

John said...

Mimi is definitely onto to something. Cats do put the love into quilts and most other things as well.