Friday, January 23, 2009

A Little of This, a Little of That

OMG! I'm beginning to think I have some kind of obsessive disorder! I live for Fridays!!!! And I'm retired, so every day is like a Friday! So why, you ask? Well, let me tell you. Every Friday there is a new block on the Friday Block Party! And I have become addicted to them! I can hardly wait for Donna, the Quilt Pixie to pick another block from her jar and post it on the Friday Block Party site (see sidebar). This week's block is called Dewey Dream Quilt. I've already finished it, and it's only noon! This is another 10 inch block, so I used batiks again. And I made it pink! I seem to be in a Valentine mood. I have red, white, pink and purple fabric all over my sewing room.
In between cutting and sewing, I also baked a lemon pound cake! It is my daughter's birthday tomorrow and she asked for a lemon pound cake. No chocolate, (sigh) no icing, (sigh) just a plain lemon pound cake. So that is what she is getting. I drizzled some lemon juice mixed with sugar over the top. I can't wait to have a piece! But that will have to wait until we get home from our dinner out. We will be going to Zen, a Japanese restaurant (her favourite - mine too) this evening. Oh, boy! I get to have sushi and sashimi! And those little soy beans and maybe some tempura!
I have at least three projects on the go at the moment. Sorry, none are at a stage that I can show you, but I have finished the half log cabin blocks - all 108 of them! Now I just have to play with them and sew them together. And the hand appliqued wall hanging is going well, except that it is taking a long time because I only work on it in the evenings when I am watching television. And then there is a Valentine's wall hanging that I had hoped to finish this week. It will have to wait until next week. Just as long as I get it done before February 14th! Oh, yeah, I almost forgot...... We have a lot of snow and it is sort of starting to depress me. I feel like going out and building a snowman, but it's too cold! No packing snow for us! So I am doing the next best thing. I am working on a little snowman wall hanging! It is almost finished!
Now I have to go and tidy up a bit. I haven't done anything around the house all week! Darn! I'd rather be quilting!


Quilt Pixie said...

wonder if your snowman wall hanging will have a pink heart for valentines in his hand? :-)

Barb said...

I can't wait to see all of your finished are one busy gal.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you "came out of the closet first" so now I can admit I'm addicted to Friday's as well, as I to look forward to seeing the new block. LOL. Post your projects, even a little bit done motivates the rest of us. Oh, and I wish I had some of that lemon cake; your daughter has great taste!

Kim said...

Sounds like you are finding some delightful and delicious ways to fill your cold winter days! I'll have to check out the Friday Block Party. We are -16 here this morning, yep, back in the deep freeze after a balmy 25F for a day, lol. Felt like spring to me! I had to spend some time cleaning and cooking this week, gosh but the house gets messy and dusty even when nobody 'seems' to use it! I'd rather be quilting too, maybe this afternoon. Enjoy your sewing days. Kim

Exuberant Color said...

I like the fabrics in that block. I have been thinking about a Valentine quilt this year but I must get in gear if I'm really going to do it.

Keiko said...

The lemon pound cake looks so delicious!! I wish I could join
Monica's birthday party and taste
a piece!

LizzieJane said...

Love the quilt block and love the cake, my you have been busy!

Opal said...

sounds like a great reason to get excited for fridays!

that cake looks absolutely delish!