Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Late or Early?

I have finished my first quilt for this year! I know it's a Christmas quilt, but I started it in early December. I just couldn't get it done before Christmas. Because I didn't want it to end up in my UFO bin, I decided to finish it. So, the question is..... am I late or am I early? I will count this as my first finish for this month in the One Project a Month Challenge. (See side bar)

I used Christmas-themed scraps, which were fun to work with in December. I found the pattern on the internet. It's called Nine-Patch Christmas scrap quilt. See it here. It measures 50in. by 61in. (127cm by 155cm) Almost big enough for a single bed, but nice and cosy for a lap quilt.

Mimi likes it. She couldn't help jumping up on it as soon as I threw it over a chair to take a photo. I didn't even see her until she was up on the quilt and I had already put my camera away. I tried to take another photo, but wouldn't you know it! My batteries were dead! Why does that always happen to me? I guess I should heed the 'low battery' message on the screen!

Does this quilt meet with your approval, Mimi?

"Yeah. meow. It's okay. I see a fabric with some cardinals on it, but absolutely no cat fabric! What's with that?"

Not every quilt can have cat fabric in it, Mimi!

"Okay, consider it approved! But next time use some nicer fabrics, like cat prints or something! Now I'm going to kick Oscar off my favourite chair. I feel a nap coming on! Meow."

I also downloaded this cute little snowman applique from a Block Of the Month by Bunny Hill . It was supposed to have a heart button at the top, but I could only find an apple button. I know I have some heart buttons somewhere, but where? I think this made a very cute little block and since the temperature is only -21C today (windchill is -30C), it's quite appropriate! Because this is a BOM I guess there will be more blocks to follow. If I have time I would love to make them all!


Barb said...

You are early. I love the Christmas quilt and I am also doing the Bunny hill challenge.

nicolette said...

You’re definitely early and in a Wintery mood. The quilt and applique are very cute!
Mimi looks so sweet in her snow-white fur!

Kathy said...

What a great quilt! I would say 'early' LOL. Great job!

Bradie said...

I think you are fabulously early! The quilt turned out great.

Eileen said...

Yes.. I vote "early" too!

LizzieJane said...

Lets say that you are early in finishing this wonderful quilt, then you will be ahead for the rest of the year, right!

maggi said...

I also vote early. Does Mimi expect more Christmas presents now that she has seen the Christmas quilt?

Opal said...

i love that snowman! too cute!

my vote is for early. :)

Aim said...

Hetty, that tree quilt is great! I love that bunny hill block too. It's so cute!