Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting Conned Into Making Water Wings!

A conversation with my DD........

DD: "Hi Mom! What's happening?"

Me: "Oh, nothing much. Just trying to finish a Quilt from the Heart."

DD: "Oh, that's good. We're doing a play and I was just wondering if you could suggest some kind of water costume. A few grade one kids are going to dance a water dance."

Me: "Something blue, I guess."

DD: "Yeah, like something flowing and soft so that they look like waves on the stage."

Me: "How about some ribbons. Or maybe a piece of flowing fabric that they can swirl around themselves."

DD: "I don't know. They have to use their hands to clap and stuff like that so they can't be holding onto anything."

Me: "So you want a costume of some kind?" (starting to get suspicious)

DD: "Yeah, that would be perfect! Can you think of how to make one?

Me: "Hmmm. Maybe." (starting to suspect a project coming on) "How about something they can wear that has blue strips of some kind of flowing fabric that would look like waves as they move."

DD: "That would be perfect! "

Me: "Hmmmm." (now really getting scared)

DD: "Could you make something like that? Oh, I'm sure you can. You can do just about everything!"

Me: (I smell a con!) "When do you want these costumes?:

DD: "The performance is on Thursday evening."

Me: "Oh. And how many do you need?"

DD: "Only a few. Maybe 3 or 4. No, maybe 5. I'll have to check that out."

Me: "I guess I could make something that they could wear on their arms, something that has pieces of fabric flowing from it."

DD: "Oh, Mom! Would you? You're the best! I'll go over to Fabricland and buy the fabric tomorrow after school. Then I'll bring it over."

Next evening.....

DD: "Here's the fabric, Mom. I hope it's enough. It was on sale and I bought all they had. Oh, and we need 7 costumes. And the dress rehearsal is on Wednesday."

Me: "Oh, so you need some kind of costume made out of this beautiful blue fabric for seven students and they have to be ready by Wednesday? That only gives me one day!"

DD: "Yes! I'll pick them up on Wednesday morning on my way to work."

Me: "Hmmmm. I'll try to make some kind of water wings, I guess."

And I did. I made seven sets of these 'sleeves' that the kids can wear on their arms.
But I couldn't have done it without Felix!


Quilt Pixie said...

you are a good woman... a conversation like that would have taken a hard turn a different direction fairly early on with me in it! :-)

Rinie said...

DD knows you very well.
And you knew Felix is always there to help!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

kids, don't ya just love them, and I would have done it too!! They look great! I am sure the kids will love them!

LizzieJane said...

Mom's always come through! I think our kids think we are superwomen... and we are, right?

em's scrapbag said...

What a great mom you are!

nicolette said...

Such a sweet conversation! And your DD is a very clever one! Those sleeves will look wonderful while waving!

*karendianne. said...

roflmao! But Felix is the best kitty helper on the planet so that does make me happy.

I do have to say (full disclosure) I've done this to my Mother and now that I read it here, I know I shouldn't have done it and I will try hard not to do it again. She's always willing but I think she'll about kill herself to make me happy.

Reddirt Woman said...

Couldn't have done it without Felix. Hetty, your talents are boundless. Your ability to get it together on a wing and a prayer reminds me of my mom. She sewed a lot of clothes for us six kids and I'm sure there was more than one time that there was some sort of costume crisis that she was able to resolve. The only time I remember her even coming close to griping about any of it was years afterward when she told about my sister's pleated skirt that she wore as a cheerleader. It was a knee-length white pleated all around skirt (knee-length tells how long ago) and my sister gre 13 inches in 12 months. Mom's comment many years later was that it seemed like all she did that year was to let the hem out on that pleated skirt. And she laughed when she said it... so your DD will have a story to remember about you helping her out of a jam...

Thanks for sharing.


Librarynan said...

Oh, Hetty... What a laugh you gsve me! I've been in the same boat with my own Elementary-teacher daughter, but it was Holiday Banners I/We made on a Thursday evening for "Art Day" (Friday)before Winter Break! tee hee

L. Jane E. said...

Hee Hee Hee, what are moms for! You're such a good one!

Oiyi said... are a Saint!