Friday, May 01, 2009

Taming My Stash!

I think it is time to tidy up the fabrics in my scrap bins! To say "in' my scrap bins is perhaps not exactly correct. The fabric has found its way out of the bins. It is all over the place - on the floor, on my sewing table, on the ironing board and on my machine! My workspace is shrinking. It is time to clean up!

Mimi is going to help me, aren't you my sweet kitten?

"Meow! No way man! I found myself a nice ray of sunshine and I plan to spend the rest of the day napping here!"

Okay, Mimi. I know without an opposable thumb you, well don't take this personally, but you can't do much picking out of fabric and sewing it together. So I'll let you sleep. That's what you do best anyway!

I'll get Felix to help me.

"Oh, boy! Yeah! I want to help. I love this stuff. It's so colourful and soft. I can roll on it for you! What are you making? Is it a quilt for me? Meow!"

Sorry Felix. It is going to be for DD. She wants a 'picnic' quilt. That means it is going to be put down on the ground. It will be walked on, sat on and eaten on. Not exactly uses that I think of when I think of a quilt! But if it will use up a lot of my scraps, I'm willing to make the sacrifice! She wants it sometime in June. Hmmmmm. That doesn't give me much time.

And speaking of scraps and picnics...... The Friday Party block is called "Flyfoot". That could be had at a picnic, I guess. You can go to it via the icon on my sidebar. The pattern calls for 16 half square triangles. And wonder of wonders, I found a whole bunch of half square triangle blocks in my scrap bin! They were left over from the train quilt I made for my nephew a couple of years ago. I think I only have to make a couple more. This is great!

I think I will work on this Block Party block. Or maybe I'll go out for awhile. It seems so nice and it's not raining today. Gosh, I'm good at procrastinating. The stash clean up can wait for tomorrow!


Eileen said...

unfortunately i know the feeling.

*karendianne. said...

Yeah, Mimi and Felix arrive on the scene. I couldn't be happier to read about the quilt happenings from their perspective. A picnic quilt will be loved and I think Felix can for sure break it in with his very cuteamous cat hair!!! :)

W. Latane Barton said...

What sweet kitties.

the dutch purple rabbit said...

i asked spook to clean up the floor where she left her fur. She looked strange too me and rolled over the floor and more fur was one the ground.


Vicki said...

It's interesting how those scraps of fabric just seem to "grow and multiple".

Felix sounds so much like Jordie. "Hey look a pile of fabric, it's mine, all mine." "Oh what a nice quilt, thanks for making it for ME."

nicolette said...

A picnic quilt made from scraps sounds wonderful and the first blocks you’ve shown are lovely!

Gosh, I remember I have two finished picnic quilt-tops waiting to be basted...LOL!