Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Colour in December

My Christmas Cactus is blooming! It must be Christmas.

I love this cactus. I bought it so long ago I can't even remember. It gets a bit fuller each year and blooms profusely starting in the beginning of December. I don't do anything special to it. It lives in my solarium for most of the year and gets lots of sun there. Perhaps that's the key to its success. Lots of sunlight. Then cooler temperatures as the year goes through the fall season. The solarium is heated, but in spring and fall it feels more like the temperatures outside than inside. I think that helps to set the buds.

Here is a closeup of the flowers. They are huge - measuring about four inches in length. I had this plant sitting on my basting table. I also had my batik nine-patch blocks laid out on the same table in order to move the blocks around more easily. When I got up this morning I noticed that the blocks were all mixed up. Many were on the floor and some had fallen behind the table. I know that had to be Mimi's work!

But how can I accuse her of messing up my design when she looks so innocent and cute? After all, it's Christmastime! And at least she didn't push my cactus onto the floor!


Cara said...

That is a gorgeous cactus. My mom's rarely blooms.
Mimi is lucky she didnt get it on the floor.

Pat said...

I love it when you show us your flowers. Your Christmas cactus is wonderful.

The Calico Cat said...

HELPER KITTY! (Said using the UNDER DOG - tone...)

My grandmother has one of those cactus, hers is on a shel above the toilet in her half bath on the bottom floor. I'm not sure about the warmth or sun in that room, but you have to have something right to get such a lovely display!

Gill - That British Woman said...

My Christmas Cactus has yet to bloom around Christmas time. Mine was in full bloom last month and in July......not sure what clock its working on????

Gill in Southern Ontario

Judy said...

Lovely Christmas cactus!!! And a beautiful cat! She could not possible be the one knocking stuff onto the floor! You must have gremlins doing that!

Rinie said...

This pure look of innocence on Mimi's face.

Are you sure you did not sleepwalk and messed up your design yourself?

The Christmas cactus is just beautiful.

hakucho said...

Beautiful!! My cactus blooms just before Thanksgiving....guess I should get a Christmas blooming one too. Love them, they're so colorful this time of year...makes me smile :)

happy new year :)