Friday, December 11, 2009

Some Quilty Things

Welcome to my blog.
If you came to see SkyWatch Friday, just scroll down past this entry.
But of course you are welcome to stay and view my quilts!

You'd think I would have gotten lots of quilting done since my computer was out of commission last week. But I didn't. I was too depressed over my computer and the weather wasn't helping any either. Lots of snow, rain, cold and wind. But today is sunny and I feel much better!

This is my block 49 in the Friday Block Party. It's called 'Cross and Ring' and it is only 8inches square. I like the way it turned out. Just left-overs from other projects, but now they have a special place in this block.
I also finished the table runner with the block from week 48. This turned out nice, eh? That's because Mimi helped me!
And finally I want to show you the finished 'Flowering Sawtooth Star' lap quilt I made for a friend's mother. I finished sewing the binding on last night. Now I can get to work on some of my other Christmas projects. It's very bright and flowery and I hope it will provide warmth and cheer for the person it is intended for.

Notice my Christmas Cactus? This thing never lets me down. It is flowering profusely at the moment and has enough buds to carry it right through to the New Year!


Barb said... have some really nice finishes there...that table runner is adorable along with your quilt...

Pat said...

Love the new block and the runner and the photo of the quilt with the Christmas cactus is BEAUTIFUL. You do nice work with quilting AND with photography!

Cara said...

I never get much sewing done when I actually plan to lol.
I love the table runner. Great finishes

the dutch purple rabbit said...

it's purple. oow i like that.
I love the work you have done lately.


Oiyi said...

The table runner is beautiful. And that quilt is stunning! I love the colors in it.

Arija said...

I came to check out your sky which was charming but found myself engrossed in your lovely quilts. Quite beautiful work and design.
I featured my madly flowering Christmas cactus on Todsy's Flowers last Sunday.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love your colorful quilt and your style. Scrappy is happy.

Stine in Ontario said...

Loos like you do beautiful work.

So what's your secret for getting your Christmas cactus to bloom so well?

Gill - That British Woman said...

love your quilting work. I am part of the block of the month club in Cobwebs and Caviar in Shelburne.

Gill in Southern Ontario