Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Definitely Back to Business!

I have a lot to share with you today! First of all........ A very terrific package came in the mail today. It was a present from Nynke, the Dutch Purple Rabbit. She sent me this gorgeous necklace. OMG! I just love it! Thank you Nynke! Blue is my favourite colour!

She says that she sent it to me because I am such a good blogging friend. Awww! That's so nice, Nynke. You are one of the best too! Here is a close up so you can see some of the pretty beads!

Next is a charity quilt which will be donated to Quilts from the Heart at our Guild Meeting in two weeks. I have had it pieced for a long time. I even sandwiched it before Christmas, but I never got around to quilting it. Then I saw Laurie's quilt on A Yankee Quilter. She had free motioned her quilt and that seemed like a perfect solution to my quilting dilemma. As you can see, it turned out quite nicely!Here is a close up. I hope you can see my quilting. I sewed the binding on last night. Now just a label and I am finished - two weeks before it has to be! I'm smokin'!

Last week I perused the Quilter's Cache site for some interesting blocks for the Friday Block Party. I found Jacob's Ladder and fell in love with it. I decided to make the four patches that I started last week into this block. This what I have so far. I have lots more pieces cut out and I hope to make a block a day. I think I will only make it as big as the one that is pictured on the Jacob's Ladder site. I should have enough fabric for that.And lastly, it was a beautiful sunny day yesterday. The temperature was very cold, but it was fresh and clean. I know a lot of folks are dealing with horrendous winter conditions at the moment, but here in Toronto we welcome the snow and ice. Well, at least I do! We haven't had much snow, but it has been really cold. I made my DH drive me to Lake Ontario. I wanted to take some photos of this winter before it is gone.

But when we got there, I realized everything was covered in ice and I couldn't walk there safely with my canes. It was also impossible to push a wheelchair through all that snow, so we just drove around with the windows open, welcoming the fresh air. I took this photo of a boat ramp down in Bluffer's Park. There were thousands of gulls, almost as many mallard ducks, hundreds of Canada Geese and even a dozen or so Swans. I have no idea why these creatures don't fly south for the winter! Maybe they stayed this year, just for my enjoyment!


nicolette said...

I love your tulipy quilt, the pattern, fabrics, quilting!

Great picture of your feathered friends!!

Barb said...

You had such a visual post is hard to comment on all that goodness.

Love the necklace and you so deserve it!!

The jacob's ladder is really nice. much is postage to you? Trying to figure out who sends to whom in our little group of RR

Pat said...

Nice photos today ( always have nice photos, actually). I'm sorry you were unable to get close to the lake for photos but at least you got to see the crazy birds who decided to "tough it out" in your cold area! LOL

Cara said...

That necklace is gorgeous. Very nice friend there.

I too like Jacob's ladder, but then I love secondary patterns.
I has been lovely to look outside, though not so much to BE outside. Funny how we're a few hours away yet we've had lots of snow once it got started.

LizzieJane said...

What a lovely post today Hetty. I just love your new blue necklace. I am quite envious!
I really enjoyed the picture of the birds. It is a mystery why they don't fly south for the winter. I sure would! Your quilt is just lovely and just the thing for a cold winter day.

LV said...

I really enjoyed seeing all your great things today. You are a lucky lady to win that beautiful blue necklace. I am a big quilt lover, so I truly like that.

Diane said...

Hi Hetty

Wasn't it nice to finish the project this evening at the Bee Night! As I told you I am not a "sane" quilter, but rather more a crazy quilter, so I am in awe of your beautiful quilts with perfect corners. Especially the pretty challenge one with the flower basket in the centre. You seem to be doing a really good job of getting your UFOs under control, that has to be one my 2010 jobs for sure!

em's scrapbag said...

The disappearing nine patch is wonderful. It will make someone very happy. Love the Jacob's Ladder. I have never seen a scrappy one. It make me want to make one.

The Calico Cat said...

Lovely Jacob's Ladder blocks. The quilt that I am currently avoiding binding is a Jacob's Ladder. :o)

Shasta said...

I really like the Jacob's Ladder block too. Love yours with all the pretty colors. The scenery photo is gorgeous!

Melinda Cornish said...

I like the jacobs ladder too!!!