Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lots of Things Going On Today

First of all it is time for a Sky Watch Friday photo. We have not had much sunshine until today, but it is too cold for me to go out on scooter to look for interesting shots. So I am entering this 'sun shot' taken from a local parking lot a few days ago. I didn't even get out of the car - just rolled down a window. The sun was a great big hazy blur.
If you want to see more Sky Watch photos please go here.

Second is a sort of photo challenge that Pat at A Little of This and a Little of Pat issued this morning. to kind of take our minds off winter. We were supposed to pick the fifth photo from the fifth folder from five years ago. There were only four photos in this folder, so I took the fourth one. It is a shot taken when we had Japanese students staying with us for a ten-day period during that summer. Two of the girls stayed with me and the other two stayed with my DD, who is on the right. The two girls in the middle came back to Toronto a few years ago and stayed with me while they attended an English language school downtown. This is a really fun photo. It brings back lots of wonderful memories for me. Thanks Pat, for suggesting this!
And finally, Barb from Bejeweled Quilts had a Thimbleberries Day yesterday. Quilters from all over the world worked on Thimbleberries patterns. I thought I didn't have any of Lynette Jensen's patterns, but it turns out that I have two books, full of them. As I was looking through those books for something to sew, I came across a pattern that I started a long time ago and never finished - Ahhhh, the story of my life! I don't even know where this quilt is hiding. Now that I have a 'taste' for it again, I am trying to find it. I hope to join in next month and maybe even finish the lost quilt, so stay tuned. But I have to find it first........... Wish me luck!


The Calico Cat said...

Have to find it first - boy does that sound familiar.

(I however was never bitten by the TB bug. I did want to make "that" cat quilt using only TB's, but alas...)

Pat said...

I enjoyed seeing your ball of sun AND the student photo that you put on your blog as part of my fun photo day. I find that I have lots of wonderful photos and don't look at them very often. SO...I think I will do this periodically on my blog. I have been having a good time looking at the photos people have posted today on their blogs in response to this! Thanks for playing along, Hetty! (And I hope you find that missing, partially-completed quilt.)

Sylvia K said...

Glad to see you had some sun! Great shot! Hope you have a great weekend!


Jane said...

Great shot though despite the haze, have a great weekend Hetty:)

Barb said...

Oh you have a project started....find it!! How fun to be able to finsh glad you are joining us.

Love the photos

LizzieJane said...

It is so nice to see the sun at this time of year. It really does inprove ones mood. Hope you have a lovely sunny weekend.

Marydon Ford said...

GREAT pics of the sun ... I tried to capture that full moon, hovering above but can't get a decent shot as it is dressed in a soft hazy edging.

TYSM for your sweet notes, they mean a lot to me.

Have a beautiful weekend.
Hugs, Marydon

LV said...

Regardless of the weather, we seem to find a way to get a picture for Sky Watch. You did very well. I make a lot of my shots from the car.